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116New grooves to silence

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  • swamijb
    May 31 12:22 PM
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      May 31, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      The mind has a habit of going into the grooves of past experiences.
      When you create a new groove, the mind stops flowing into the past
      grooves and starts flowing in the new grooves that you have
      consciously created.

      These new grooves lead you to silence. Your aim in meditation is to
      go into that silence from where wisdom flows, that fountain of life
      and light that flows with all its majesty.

      Meditation is a good thing to do; it is a great solace.*

      In loving service,

      Swami Jnaneshvara

      *Swami Rama, Path of Fire and Light, Vol. II