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100When the Self is the only desire

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  • swamijb
    Feb 25, 2002
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      February 25, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      The Self, having enjoyed the pleasures of the senses in the waking
      state, going here and there, experiencing good and not good, hastily
      goes back again to dreams.

      As a large fish moves from one bank of a river to the other, so also
      does the Self move between dreaming and waking reality.

      As a hawk or a falcon becomes tired when flying in the sky, after
      stretching its wings comes back to the nest, so also does the Self
      hasten back to that state of deep sleep, wherein no more desires are
      desired, and no more dreams are dreamed.

      Indeed, the Self, in its True Nature, is free from all craving, free
      from wicked doing, and free from fear.

      As one may embrace their spouse and know nothing outside in that
      moment, nor nothing that is within, so also does one in union with
      the Self know nothing that is outside and nothing that is inside, for
      in that state all desires are satisfied.

      The Self is then the only desire; one is then free from desire, and
      goes beyond sorrow.*

      In loving service,

      Swami J

      * Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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