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Yasmin Boland's Moon Meditations - SKYWATCH

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    Keep your cool June 5, 2005 Yasmin Boland delivers this week s astrological weather forecast. From the Sydney Sunday Telegraph The skies are a-changing yet
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      Keep your cool

      June 5, 2005
      Yasmin Boland delivers this week's astrological weather forecast.
      From the Sydney Sunday Telegraph

      The skies are a-changing yet again, and as Mars moves into Aries, we
      can all expect to find it harder to stay calm!

      As a result, this week, if you feel your temperature rising, take it
      easy. It could well be that you're tapping into the new Mars energy.
      If you have Aries friends, stand back from them a bit - as their
      ruler gets more powerful, they could easily become overwhelming!

      As for Librans, Mars is now in their opposite sign. This means many
      are going to be more motivated about clearing the air - one way or
      another! Librans are usually diplomatic, but over the next few
      weeks, many are going to feel keener to get "stuff" sorted out than
      they are to keep the peace.

      The two signs most likely to feel challenged by Mars over the next
      few weeks are Cancer and Capricorn. If you're one of those signs,
      just remember to leave your ego at home between now and the end of
      July - it will make life much easier. If someone's taking pot shots
      at you, try not to lose your cool or you could find that you're
      playing right into their hands. Being angry never solved anything.
      On the other hand, like Aries and Librans, Cancerians and Capricorns
      are likely to feel extra-energised.

      And the rest of the signs? You can afford to relax a little. Unless
      you have Aries Rising (find out at www.astro.com) it's unlikely that
      Mars is going to ruffle your feathers. More likely you'll just have
      more energy. And on that subject, the Mars link to Saturn this week
      is all about using our energies more wisely.

      If you know you're wasting your time in pursuing a particular goal,
      this is the week to stop chasing it. If you need energy to get a
      major task done, the skies are on your side. Be disciplined and
      rewards will follow. Love surprises are extra possible.

      Q. Can you tell me the basic details of my chart and also general
      forecasts of what's ahead in the next few weeks? I was born at
      9:15am on September 22, 1987, in Wagga Wagga.

      A. You're Virgo with a Virgo Moon and Sagittarius Rising. You've
      emerged from a Saturn/Mercury phase so it will be easier to think
      positively in the next few weeks. In fact, you may do some deep
      thinking and it's easier than usual to persuade people to your point
      of view. Use this newfound power wisely!

      Q. I've been seeing a man for four years and we're thinking of
      living together. But I've been married twice before and I'm
      hesitant. Is he the man for me? I was born on June 11, 1948, in
      Shepparton, Victoria - time unknown.

      A. I'd need to see your charts together to comment but surely you
      know in your heart if he's the man for you or not? Regarding your
      chart, you're likely to feel restless in your relationship over the
      next few months so don't make rash decisions! Your feelings should
      settle by November.

      Email your Astro Questions to Yasmin via www.moonology.com. Please
      include time, date and place of birth. For an in-depth look at the
      week's Stars, in Australia call 1902 224 466. Calls cost $1.05 per

      The Sunday Telegraph
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