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17776Re: [YamahaDX] Re: Replacement floppy drive.

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  • Daniel Forró
    Aug 23 6:53 AM
      You are right, DX7 II FD uses Shugart type - Panasonic JU-363-2 (720 kB).

      That emulator uses standard 34 pin, I suppose.

      So it's not directly compatible.

      Daniel Forro

      On 23 Aug, 2014, at 10:09 PM, Wes Garland wes@... [YamahaDX] wrote:

      720 vs. 1.44 doesn't really make a different from a replacement POV, all that happens is if you get a 1.44 drive hooked where a 720 was, the drive will never be instructed to access half of its tracks.

      Whether this will work or not depends largely on how configurable it is.  Signalling for all floppy drives was pretty much the same, but the PC drives are slightly different from the Shugart drives, which is what most musical instrument makers were using. More expensive products like this have been used in organs, sequencers, etc.  

      If anybody has the manual for this and the service manual for the II-FD I could offer an opinion..

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