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17763Prob receiving banks from MIDIlib/Soundlib

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  • johnpaul_moran
    Aug 21, 2014
      Hi all, So after all these years of front panel entry (oo-er), I've finally got my DX7 mk1 connected intravenously to my PC.  No problems sending banks from the DX7, but there seem to be issues receiving banks.  I've gone through the usual checks - internal mem protect off, set MIDI channel, SYS INFO AVAIL ON etc. - but nothing happens.  Mostly.  Occasionally, when sending a bank, a bunch of notes will sound and the DX reboots, so *something* is getting through the MIDI IN port...

      I'm using the Special Edition ROM, but in desperation, I plugged in the original ROM with the same results.  I'm going to check the MIDI IN tonight by hooking up to an external controller, but can anyone suggest why this might be happening?

      Incidentally, I did have the same problem on my last DX7 about ten years ago, running the original ROM - but without the tantalising resets.  I think I concluded the MIDI IN was schtupped, which did seem unlikely as that machine was just about factory-new condition.

      I'd appreciate any help/suggestions here as I'd like to explore the wealth of patches available out there, without spending the rest of me natural clicking buttons and moving that slider! 

      John Paul Moran

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