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17762Problem receiving banks - DX7 mk1

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  • johnpaul_moran
    Aug 21, 2014
      Hi all!So I've finally hooked up my DX to my PC after all these years.  I'm using Soundlib (got MIDIlib too) and no problem sending banks to the PC.  Receiving banks is causing problems though.  I've gone through the usual checks - memory protect off, correct MIDI channel, SYS INFO AVAIL etc - yet nothing happens, mostly.  Occasionally, a bunch of notes will sound and the DX reboots, so *something* is getting through the MIDI IN port...

      I'm using the Special Edition ROM, but also tried the original ROM in desperation - to the same results.  I'm going to check the MIDI IN by connecting to an external controller tonight, but can anyone suggest what might be going wrong...?  

      I'd love to explore the many thousands of patches out there, but don't necessarily want to spend the rest of my life entering them from the front panel, so any help would be much appreciated!

      Thanks a lot,
      John Paul Moran

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