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17753Re: [YamahaDX] Re: E! Equipped DX7IID in need of fixing

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  • Wes Garland
    Aug 15, 2014
      You can use a DX7 patch librarian for individual patches, or any program which can send a MIDI sysex dump to do a whole bank.

      Note that you will need to do this once for each bank in the E! - you can think of banks as multiple DX7s in a way.  You will also need to re-initialize each performance in the E! card....I forget exactly how to do this, but it wasn't hard.  I believe it is part of the instructions for installing the E! in the first place, the manual is online somewhere.  It's just button pushing to get them to be initialized i.e. not corrupted.


      On 14 August 2014 15:32, JAMIE logan jammie.emma@... [YamahaDX] <YamahaDX@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      dxmanager would be best for you it has 30 days full usage and you just open the sysex file then dump to the dx7II

      you need to set the midi interface and the channel for the midi in and midi out

      i would recomend the dxmanager software and buy it if you like it

      i have had it for years along with the symanager software

      On 14 August 2014 19:36, jhatzia@... [YamahaDX] <YamahaDX@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Can I send the "Yamaha DX7II - Grey Matter E!" file from this Yahoo Group and send them to the DX7IID to try and reset as you did Wes? In other words, how do I feed it a set of patches? Via USB>MIDI, or floppy disk drive? (Just so you know, I am the guy who started this thread but using a different email)

      Wesley W. Garland
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