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16868Re: [YamahaDX] Re: [Jsynthlib-devel] release 1.0 promotion (fwd)

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  • Daniel Forró
    Mar 1, 2014
      It's dmg, which is Mac format. Image has opened on my Mc as JSynthLib.app, but as my system is old (G4 PPC, OSX 10.5.8) it doesn't work.

      There are other DX projects on sourceforge.net:

      It's written it's Java project, how to install it and compile or anything else to make from it normally starting application? The last thing I'm interested in is to start things like Terminal and write some commands like in 1985 when I started with C64... If I'm not wrong, now we have 2014. Why modern program can't start normal simple way after double click on its name? Why programmers use this way, do they really expect some musician will use such uncomfortable software? Or it's just me, am I getting old? Am I too much spoiled by easy GUI? There were times I could do my own software in Basic, GFA Basic and even I seriously wanted to start study of Turbo Pascal, but later I have decided to concentrate on music, electronic music instruments and MIDI. So now I don't want to lose any more time and invest it in deeper study of Java and so on. I lost a lot of time in my younger days with girls :-)

      Another one is DX7 II Manager:

      This one is "Qt/c++" ??? Again, I have the same question like above to our programming specialists - how to install it and make it normally starting application? 

      In both cases I would like to use it on Mac PPC G4 with OS 9.2.2 or OSX 10.5.8, I can't use more recent versions.

      Thanks in advance.

      Daniel Forro

      On 1 Mar, 2014, at 8:01 PM, victor jones wrote:

      is this for mac or pc also i downloaded it and it wont run i get ac error not a valid windows 32 application

      To: YamahaDX@yahoogroups.com; yamahablackboxes@yahoogroups.com;music@...; planetccrma@...
      From: m.tarenskeen@...
      Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 09:34:06 +0100
      Subject: [YamahaDX] Re: [Jsynthlib-devel] release 1.0 promotion (fwd)

      Hi Musicians,

      JSynthLib has for a long time been an interesting, promising, but 
      unfortunately sleeping project. But development has been re-activated 
      resulting in a new official release version 1.0


      I hope I'm not misusing this mailinglist. Just thought it could be 
      interesting for some of you. At least for me it's interesing news!


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      Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 08:21:10 +0100
      From: Packe <packe01@...>
      To: Frankie Fisher <jsynthlib.org@...>
      Cc: JSynthLib-devel mailing list <jsynthlib-devel@...>
      Subject: Re: [Jsynthlib-devel] release 1.0 promotion

      Hi Frankie,

      Great idea! I thought I should have sent out an email on the users' list but I forgot...

      I can do that tonight. Besides that, as I haven't been involved with the project earlier, I have no idea where to publish news except on the sourceforge site.

      Any help/suggestions are highly appreciated.

      My next step now for the development is to restructure the code in an MVC architecture and then continue the work of XML drivers to make it easier for others to contribute their drivers.


      > 28 feb 2014 kl. 22:53 skrev Frankie Fisher <jsynthlib.org@...>:
      > Firstly, excellent work getting the project into a good shape and
      > getting a release out there.
      > Do we need to announce the release anywhere? I've updated freshmeat.net
      > with the release details (if anyone still uses that website these days).
      > Any other ways to let people know that jsynthlib is open for business?

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