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16858Re: [YamahaDX] RE: Printing DX or SY patch

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  • Martin Tarenskeen
    Feb 28, 2014
      On Fri, 28 Feb 2014, bntcashen@... wrote:

      > Martin,
      > I am anxious to try out the text file you mentioned to analyze the feasibility of
      > writing a plugin for OO and/or XL. (MS by day, Linux by night). With your blessing, of course.

      Be prepared for some user-unfriendly-ness ;-)

      DXconvert is a Python program. Installation and usage is probably easier
      for a Linux user, but it also works on Windows.


      python dxconvert.py example.syx example.txt

      if example.syx is a bank with 32 dx7 patches, you will get a listing of
      the 32 patchnames, not the parameters. If example.syx is a single dx7
      patch, then you will get a parameter/values list.

      Or with a bank you can do:

      python dxconvert.py example.syx example.txt --select=24

      This will print a parameter/values list of patch #24 from the 32.
      (countbase = 1)

      You can also do the same with dxconvert-gui.py in a GUI.

      There's much more dxconvert can do, but that's not the topic of this


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