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  • Martin Tarenskeen
    Oct 29, 2013

      I finally uploaded my latest version of DX/TXconvert.
      What's new since 2.1.3 ?

      2.1.4 (201301029)
      - support for cassette interface data TX7, DX11, TX81Z, DX21/27/100, DX9
      wav, cas (requires wav2cas from MSX castools by Vincent van Dam)
      txt (output from tape-read perl script by M. Ward)
      - minor bug fixes
      - GenPatch Atari TX7 bank import
      - Grey Matter Response E! import
      - --sort2 option for case-sensitive sorting (--sort is now case-insensitive)
      - DX9 SysEx import to other 4-operator synths using TXconvert
      - bugfix dx7<->fourop AMD conversion
      - improved --select RANGE option. RANGE can now be something like "2, 3-5, 11-32"
      - fixed raw VCED import in dxconvert
      - added README-wav2cas.txt

      You can download from http://dxconvert.martintarenskeen.nl or from the
      Yahoogroups YamahaDXfiles/files section.


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