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16145Re: [YamahaDX] RE: New (to me) DX-7S

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  • Martin Tarenskeen
    Oct 28, 2013
      On Tue, 29 Oct 2013, Daniel Forró wrote:

      > Anyway it's interesting that before most of the files have the same
      > size of 4960 bytes. It doesn't look as random damage... Maybe they all
      > were coded in the same way, that's also the reason you could decipher
      > the algorithm and convert it to proper format. Am I right?

      Right. These 4960 bytes files are not damaged, they are just fine. They
      use VCED (instead of VMEM) format for storing the banks. The DX7 SysEx
      specs in the manuals can tell you what that means.

      I am curious from what software these are produced.

      Only two of the files (DX7SInternalA.syx and DX7SInternalB.syx) already
      were in standard SysEx format and probably have another origin.


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