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16132Re: [YamahaDX] RE: New (to me) DX-7S

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  • Daniel Forró
    Oct 28 6:13 AM
      Hi, Kenny, 

      then I understand :-) I love Hammond, I own CV (1945) with HR40 box, M3 (1960) with Leslie 760, before I had 3 times L100 and P100 (all three sold), and I was stupid enough to sell Leslie 147. And not to forget, I was given Japanese made LSI organ Commodore from 1985, before Hammond and Suzuki started to cooperate. Restoring and repairs of instruments is my hobby as well.

      Novachord is a dreamy instrument! I'm sure you know these web pages about Novachord restoration:

      Very impressive!

      Have a nice day with all your toys. If you can't  find the original data for DX7s, I can go through my huge archive and send it to you as SYX raw file or MID file with some advice how to get it into the beast. Are you on Windows or Mac?

      Daniel Forro

      On 28 Oct, 2013, at 9:34 PM, <bigbird_ny@...> <bigbird_ny@...> wrote:

      Daniel, thanx for the reply.  I restore Hammonds as a hobby, and the M103 was a rescue that i had finished and my wife wanted it out of the house.  I still have an E-100, a S6, and an Allen 705 to keep me company,

      I am, however, looking for an Elegante and a Novachord, but that is an absolute longshot. 


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