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Re: rear seal

No. Just keep the carbs tuned so you don't get any backfires. A backfire can blow out the rear seal. If you have a two seater, the engine is easy to pull, if
Jun 7, 2012

rear seal

is this something we can check for before it goes bad? is it costlly to replace ? I am in Central Ohio and just got this Yamaha 1100
Camping Nut
Jun 7, 2012


Looks like the group is getting a few members now. Guess it's not surprising that more people are not interested in a JetSki that is over 15 years old. My 1100
Jun 7, 2012

What is in this Group

This group will be a MODERATED group to eliminate SPAM. As long as you own or interested in a YAMAHA jet ski, come aboard. Included are files of repair steps
Oct 13, 2010
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