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Re: My Yahoo Story

That's one of our biggest lesson, and we are fixing it now. Thanks for your comment. ________________________________ From: Timothy Dike
Sebastian Ros
Jul 23, 2009

Re: My Yahoo Story

Not to excuse Yahoo, but why rely on them to store your important emails? Set up a pop3 with one of your domains and download all your email to your computer.
Timothy Dike
Jul 22, 2009

My Yahoo Story

This is my horrible experience with Yahoo yesterday. I've been using a Yahoo! Small Business for the past 3 years to sell items on the internet with my
Jul 22, 2009

I absolutely hate Yahoo!

They really know how to screw people don't they. Right now I cannot even get in my email. This has happpened quite often in the past six months or so. They
Colleen & Craig L
Dec 5, 2008

I beat Yahoo

Long story to this. In Feburary Yahoo suspended my account - so I could no longer log into Flickr. I asked why, they said they are not permitted to tell me. I
Jul 30, 2008

Yahoo ripped me off, then thanked me for the priviledge

You read the whole sad story here: http://kr8472.googlepages.com/home Essentially, I allowed my premium domain service to expire, on purpose, as my credit card
Mar 9, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Plus Sports games are a scam

Yeah I have and I'm probably right- forget your money-forget your complaint and move on. Its probably not worth it. Yahoo is famous for their piss poor
Mar 25, 2007

Yahoo Fantasy Plus Sports games are a scam

I have been playing Yahoo Fantasy Football and Baseball Sports for over five years. Last year I decided to host a Plus Football league at my expenses (didn't
Mar 25, 2007

I just joined and I have one tip-

don't use spam block. Its better and far more effective to use DELETE with Yahoo email. My spam has actually DROPPED which is a clue to me that somehow
Mar 10, 2007

Another unfortunate victim

Dear Mr. Coleman: It is after four days of incessant e-mails and long distance phone calls to U.S. from Australia that I finally decided to write to you. I
Sep 19, 2006

I got fed up.

Howdy. I've used Yahoo's free services since 1997, and I've been happy with what I got. Especially considering it is free. I've always been annoyed by the
Aug 30, 2006

Help regarding software fraud

Where can I go to launch a complaint against a software company, or the software middleman, to get my money back. I had paid & downloaded an application off
Jul 28, 2006

Re: All star issues

Yeah, I'm reading it. It has been quiet. Was designed to be a whining place for folks who Yahoo-o has effed over, like whacked your group because some anal
Jul 7, 2006

All star issues

Is there anybody even reading this forum? Last post was in 2005, I was given this link for here by an all star member. Luckily, my all star membership is part
Jul 7, 2006

Yahoo customer service #

408-349-1572 if it really matters.
Jul 7, 2006
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