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Re: What I still do not like.

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  • Joe
    ... select ... font ... into ... the ... back ... The address window that opens when you click on To: looks like something that came from Windows 1.0. It s
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2006
      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "John" <Southbayj@...> wrote:
      > When you clikc on the "To:" function to open the popup window to
      > who you want to send the email to. Everything is listed in small
      > and there is no categorization. I have my address book segregated
      > Personl, Work, Family, Personal Business, Etc..... I much prefer
      > original interface for this part of the email. I would also like the
      > option of where I navigate to upon closing or deleting an individual
      > email. I prefer to go back to the mail folder where the email is
      > located, then on to the next email. Choice is what this is all about
      > and the new version gives little of that. Hence I have resisted
      > strongly top change over. I check periodically but always change
      > to the original.

      The address window that opens when you click on "To:" looks like
      something that came from Windows 1.0. It's alphabetical and many of my
      addresses appear that I rarely send an e-mail. If you have a large
      address book, it makes selection of addresses very difficult.

      The address selection with the old Y-Mail allowed categories, and even
      allowed selection based on last name - not first name.

      I have no use for mail list, and I don't think the beta designers
      understand that these list are no substitute for categories.

      This is the main reason I refuse to migrate to the new Y-Beta Mail.
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