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  • ~~Janet~~
    I ve got to say, George, that Yahoo Customer Care has NEVER been a good thing; beta or regular Yahoo. I cannot tell you the times that I spent days upon days
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2006
      I've got to say, George, that Yahoo Customer Care has NEVER been a good thing; beta or regular Yahoo. I cannot tell you the times that I spent days upon days upon days begging, screaming, demanding and threatening until finally, something was done to resolve my problem. The canned spiels really get to you... Yahoo Customer Care just doesn't give a hoot if you're having problems... even if you're a paying member.

      That IS something Yahoo needs to work on... but I doubt that they will.


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      Welcome, Ryan! Having been an evangelist in a previous,
      pre-retirement life (for Open Systems within IBM back in its
      proprietary OS days), I know you'll have a lot of fun.

      I have one major quibble with your post, and that is the suggestion
      about reporting problems to Customer Care. You should know that, with
      respect to the beta, there is no Care for Customers. I have been
      reporting problems for over a year, and the only response I have ever
      received (and I have received it many times, sometimes with 48 rather
      than 24 hours as the promise), is the one below:

      "Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care to answer your
      question. A support representative will get back to you within 24
      hours regarding your issue. Until then, feel free to visit our online
      help center at http://help.yahoo.com/ for answers if you have not
      already done so."

      Note that this mechanized response does not even have the courtesy to
      include my problem report with it so that it can be tracked by me.

      Never any follow-up; not once. The Mail-Abuse side of Customer Care
      does great work, but the generic support folk, nothing, nada, nil.

      I suggest you and the beta mail team take a look at how Google is
      handling the Google Reader development communication through its blog.
      Google Reader is an excellent piece of software; with the rapid
      improvements to it, I have been able to move off my standalone RSS
      reader to this terrific, web-based service. And the blog reports on
      enhancements and fixes regularly, even crediting users by name for bug
      reports or suggestions.

      The beta has great potential, much of it as yet unrealized; better
      communication of what's changed and what's coming, plus some Customer
      Care, would make it even better and give us a real beta to work with.

      George Hutfilz

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan Kennedy" <rckenned@...> wrote:
      > Hey everybody. My name is Ryan Kennedy. You may remember me from way
      > back as the guy with the changelogs for Yahoo! Mail Beta. Well, good
      > news...my unofficial role of evangelist has now been made official:
      > http://updates.mail.yahoo.com/blog/archives/31
      > That post provides most of the information about myself and my new
      > role, but I wanted to expand on that a little bit with this group.
      > The blog is really our face to the general public. People with a
      > passing interest in Yahoo! Mail. People who are perhaps interested
      > in hearing what's going on but aren't necessarily interested in
      > getting involved in a Yahoo! Mail community.
      > That's where, I think, this group takes over. For as long as I've
      > been a Yahoo! (2 years next Wednesday), this group has been THE
      > PLACE to talk about Yahoo! Mail. What's more impressive is that
      > you've built this community with no support from Yahoo! Mail. I love
      > that. I think it's fantastic when users come together like this.
      > My plan for my new role with this group is to be a representative.
      > You can use me as the punching bag (so to speak) but I hope that my
      > presence can be of more use than that. My hope is to keep everyone
      > here more informed of what's going on behind the scenes. A lot of
      > that I'll do through the blog, but I'm thinking of taking that a
      > step further with this group (more on that later).
      > I do, however, want to say that I'm not customer care. If you're
      > experiencing problems, you should contact them. That's not to say
      > that you shouldn't mention problems here, but customer care really
      > ought to be your first point of contact. If you need to get in touch
      > with customer care, you can do so through the help pages:
      > http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/contactus/index.html
      > It's not that I don't want to help, but problems need to go through
      > customer care as much as possible so we can track issues better.
      > Also, I'm still an engineer. In addition to the blog and hanging out
      > here, I still have to code. So I don't have the spare cycles to
      > handle bug reports (that's what customer care is for). If you want
      > to mention features you'd like to see, the best place to do so is
      > probably the new "Y-Mail Wish List" database:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Y-Mail/database?method=reportRows&tbl=6
      > I should have some new information for everyone this week or next
      > (here and on the blog). It's a little hard to say exactly when. I
      > just got done moving this weekend and I leave Friday for a trip to
      > India (it's been a busy 3 months for me), so I'm a little backed up
      > at the moment (convenient time for the holidays to start up here in
      > the US).
      > That's all, just a quick introduction. If there are things you'd
      > like to see from us here or on the blog, let me know.
      > Ryan Kennedy
      > Yahoo! Mail

      Yahoo! Groups Links

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