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Re: [Y-Mail] Trouble with POP Access.

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  • Matt Martin
    I ve tried Thunderbird, and it s kludge too. I m not gonna sit here and argue with y all about Mozilla. Really, it s worse than arguing with Christians on the
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 27, 2006
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      I've tried Thunderbird, and it's kludge too.

      I'm not gonna sit here and argue with y'all about Mozilla. Really, it's worse than arguing with Christians on the net. I have no interest in using any Mozilla product, and nothing you can say will change my mind. It has been weighed. It has been measured. And it has been found wanting.

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      Then let me join the chorus - have you tried Thunderbird? Using Outlook
      2003 for POP email is like using a chain saw to cut butter (I'm a Sys Admin
      for a fortune 200 company, and I use Outlook 2003). Outlook 2003 is the
      best Outlook yet for use in a corporate Exchange server environment. But as
      a result its gotten bigger and worse for POP, and no home user using POP
      should bother with it. It is miserable with IMAP (come on people, POP
      should die, move your mail to an IMAP server). Thunderbird is the best IMAP
      client I have found, Outlook Express is decent, Outlook 2003 sucks.

      So why would you pay $20 a year to get Yahoo! plus with POP access (I know,
      some of you have get POP access without paying, in violation of Yahoo! terms
      of use), when you can get 5, 1GB IMAP mailboxes for as little as $12 a
      year?. If you are using Yahoo!, the main reason is that it consistently has
      one of the best interfaces for web mail, and the new beta is GREAT.

      My more than 2 cents worth

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