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Concept on the notepad and the briefcase

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  • Guillaume
    i d like to write few words on the notepad. It s currently absent from the beta. Am I the only one who uses it? Are you gonna miss it if it s gone for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2005
      i'd like to write few words on the notepad. It's currently absent from the beta. Am I the only one who uses it? Are you gonna miss it if it's gone for the final release? I surely would miss it

      In fact people who read my blog have read about this concept I have. Yeh like do you guys know Writerly.com? it is a webbased editor. Something like Office Word all webbased to create and share documents. Writerly.com is part of what we call the Web2.0 generation. I think this would be a good idea for Yahoo to either replace the Notepad by Writerly or to developp their own.
      In fact the more i think about it the more i am intrigued by the absence of link for the notepad in the Yahoo Mail beta. I mean they could have linked to the old version right? Just like what they're doing for the calendar.
      So in the end this means only two thing:
      -either it will be given up (which i highly doubt because how will they proceed the upgrade if people have notes huh??
      -either they're improving it, which seems to be more plausible.
      (and i swear i'm trying to make out my wishes from an objective point of view!!!)

      Now going a little further and assuming we're gonna have the ability to create right-text documents on Yahoo Mail and why not share them with our Y360 network/Messenger/AddressBook, , those would have to be store somewhere huh? yeh you got it, I'm refering tot the briefcase . can you believe they still make you pay more than $34 for 100 MB of storage??? that's insane. It just cannot remain this way. So I'm also froseeing an integration of the briefcase inside Yahoo Mail to easily uplad edited documents in my shared folders.
      If you have in mind the concept i made last week , we could even envisage a briefcase panel and drag and dropping documents in the briefcase folders. How cool would that be???
      Something is telling me that Microsoft Live Mail will, once again, be far away behind Yahoo!

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