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Yahoo! of no assistance,whatsoever.....disheartening....

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  • xxarmytrxx
    Hello All, I recently joined this group because of my ongoing issue with Yahoo! and their account security techs....maybe somebody here can offer some
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2005
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      Hello All,

      I recently joined this group because of my ongoing issue
      with Yahoo! and their account security techs....maybe somebody here
      can offer some insight/assistance to keep me sane.

      I am a soldier in the US Army currently deployed to Iraq,
      with my email as my primary lifeline back home, as phone calls are
      quite expensive and hard to time. About a week ago, i received a
      spoof email claiming to be "ebay", where i clicked the link, logged
      in and whatnot...wouldn't you know it, no more than 24 hours later,
      my auctions on yahoo had been completely re-done, dirt cheap, and my
      password changed. Fortunately, i was able to contact ebay and
      resolve the issue and secure my account again. However, somehow
      the "hacker" gained access to my yahoo id, NUsoul305@..., and
      logged in (kicking me off messenger at the time), changed my
      password and information. I registered this account years ago, so
      i'm not sure if i may have mistyped the birthdate, so no reset of
      the password could be accomplished... I contacted yahoo! by phone,
      where the account verification tech informed me that she was
      basically stuck at the DOB screen, where she had to type it in full,
      and she had no way to get around it. I explained my situation, and
      the best she could offer me was to email Yahoo! Account
      security...and so I did, i explained the situation, stating that i
      have years and years of emails,contacts,receipts and order info,
      emails of sentimental value, as well as sensitive
      information/pictures dealing with my current job with the Army in
      Iraq....and all i received back seemed like a generic reply stating
      the same thing:


      Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Account Security.

      Account privacy and security is an important concern of Yahoo!. One
      the ways we protect accounts from unauthorized access is by denying
      account assistance to individuals who contact us but are unable to
      the information that was entered during the registration process.

      When registering for a Yahoo! account, we ask for a minimal amount of
      information. We need to be able to verify *all* the information
      currently registered on your account in order to assist with access
      it. We will not be able to make changes, issue a new password, or
      delete the account if that verification information does not match.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we adhere to
      guidelines in order to protect the privacy and security of all our
      user's accounts.

      If you are unable to provide this information, you do have the
      option of
      opening a new account.

      Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.



      Yahoo! Customer Care - Account Security

      And so i replied back, explaining that I can verify absolutely
      anything else on the account, and it was a mistype on my part which
      has caused this whole DOB ordeal....and i received the exact same
      response, with a diffrent name at the end....and so I emailed back
      again, a 3rd time, and the same exact response, again with a
      diffrent name at the end....I am almost tempted to believe that
      there are not even live persons at "Yahoo! account security". I
      called back Yahoo!'s customer service, and apparently, the "account
      security" department is locked away in a basement somewhere with
      only internet access, because they apparently have no phone number
      whatsoever, and in the customer service rep's words, "i do not even
      have the power to contact them by phone, just email".

      Like i said folks...I have years and years of sensitive emails,
      sensitive information,contacts,pictures,etc... located within that
      ID, and I am at a loss for what to do....short of hiring a hacker to
      hack back into it, which I am about to attempt to do as it seems to
      be my last resort.

      I am deeply disappointed in Yahoo!'s lack of ability to do anything
      in situations like this, as i have seen other posts and know i'm not
      the first. The fact that their own employees are stuck on a DOB
      screen and unable to do anything is sad, and the fact that they have
      no backup for verification such as secret questions or anything else
      which they can use instead of the DOB, like all other major
      companies (AOL,EBAY,HOTMAIL,etc...) is ludicrous...

      If anybody can offer me any assistance, i would greatly appreciate
      it. I can provide proof of ownership for the account, recent
      ingoing/outgoing emails,contacts,photos,etc..., and proof of my
      actually being a soldier deployed in iraq right now.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my long-winded post :)
      take care and god bless.


      N. Montagner
      US Army
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