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    Yahoo basic tells you at the top (left) what box you re in.. ïnbox .. drafts .. sent ... ect.. new yahoo mail doesn t..?   Yahoo basic (right - both top
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2014
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      Yahoo basic tells you at the top (left) what box you're in..
      "ïnbox".."drafts".. "sent" ... ect.. new yahoo mail doesn't..?
      Yahoo basic (right - both top of page and bottom)  > or <
      allows you to go down to last email or up to first email
      new yahoo yahoo email does not. Also I hear tell that a
      program..' User Agent Switcher ' allows one to go back to
      yahoo classic  by invoking IE 6.. Anyone hear or try this..
       tried it but it is a bit tricky.. eventually after  simple download process
      I found it in "tools add ons" { firefox } under default user agent.. internet
      6 or 7 or 8.. but what good is this in firefox? so I switched Internet Explorer
      to my standard browser..Anyhows worth the effort if I get back to "Yahoo Clasic"
      if not what's lost..
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