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Re: [Y-Mail] From great to terrible

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  • adeomus ********
     ditto and ditto..... adds That is the way , he said. But there are no stairs , I cried. You must throw yourself in , he replied. There is no other way.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 14, 2013

       ditto and ditto.....*:( sad

      "That is the way", he said. "But there are no stairs", I cried.
      "You must throw yourself in", he replied. 'There is no other way. "

      -- George MacDonald

      From: Harryh <harryh89@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2013 5:38:49 PM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] From great to terrible

      Much to agree with here.  IMHO Yahoo decided that touch screen and mobile was the future and had their programmers work on feature sets suited to those platforms.  The features associated with Classic apparently they considered to be obsolete (like many of us).

      From: lswig <lswig@...>
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      Subject: [Y-Mail] From great to terrible

      I have used Yahoo! Mail Plus Classic for many years.  I have always recommended it to others because it has been clean and fast with an excellent user interface, plus some advanced features which no other service has had. 
      1.  The new Yahoo! mail does not have the wonderful advanced search function that was available in the old version. 

      The neo search does allow operators, but the search scope includes everything (all folders) by default.  The Classic interface allowed easier scope reduction.  I often wondered how many users preferred limited search by default.


      4. One of the features most conspicuous in its absence is the message size column that existed previously in Classic. 

      This omission is greatly missed.  It was a quick way to evaluate messages.  The attachments ordering selection provides much less information.

      5. Previously the user could make one simple click to see the full header on any message.  And it was possible to print the message with the full header if desired. 

      Apparently only geeks need to understand headers.  Headers were useful to evaluate message source.

      The above are in addition to some of the things mentioned by others: speed issues, unpleasant scrolling rather than pages, occasional blank screens, unexpected deletions, etc.  It is almost as though somebody really attempted to destroy Yahoo! Mail. Unfortunately for users, the attempt has been quite successful so far.

      More than agree.  Sadly there is no hourglass or activity indicator to give user feedback that a command was being processed.

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