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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Here's what works for me/David

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  • David Boey
    Thanks, Bill. The rant wasn t directed at you but it is nice of you to give us some new ideas and services that will make YAHOO! Mail wake up and give them a
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 15, 2013
      Thanks, Bill. The rant wasn't directed at you but it is nice of you to give us some new ideas and services that will make YAHOO! Mail wake up and give them a "run for their money", even though they are providing its services free to most people. (sigh! ..and it's a long one) Gone are the days when I was so happy with YAHOO! Mail that I always hogged them to my internet trainees and anyone who approached me to recommend a good email provider. Even when YAHOO decided to make their mail forwarding services a paid one.

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 2:34 AM, Bill <billsville@...> wrote:

      Hi Dave...no I'm not suggesting paying yahoo for anything...I was relating that I used to pay yahoo for a...I keep calling it my personal edress, but yahoo called it a Business edress...my domain was .biz...but like everything else that put yahoo on top...they discontinued it
      That brought me to an independent company where I could create my own edress for almost half what I was paying yahoo and I had my email directed to my gmail account...I was a little shy of google from what I heard about them tracking you and who knew what they were doing with that info...and then around 2 months ago google said it was doing away with it's igoogle page; which is the same as My Yahoo and VERY IMPORTANT to me...google is discontinuing igoogle by the end of this year
      So that brought me to MSN...I created My Msn Pages and I'm having my email forwarded to outlook.com; which as I'm sure you know is the new name for hotmail and I Like It Very Much
      Dave the reason I shared this with all of you is that I read about all the problems you all are having with ymail and I just wanted to share with you all another way of going about it that might work for you as well as it does for me
      Here comes that "F" word again...lolololololol....Freedom...Dave I'm Not Locked In anywhere...I can switch to whichever email provider I choose without having to change my edress and as I said...I stared off paying them $21 dollars a year and now I just renewed for 5 years and got it all for $12 a years...Well worth it as far as I'm concerned and I just wanted to pass that onto all of you...I've been were you all are now and I just wanted to share with all of you what worked for me
      From The Land Of Bill

      From: David Boey <sales.boeyong@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 6:50 PM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Here's what works for me
      I am not rude nor want to sound rude, Bill, but are you telling me just because I use YAHOO! Mail FREE then I deserve all the tribulations with first, not able to mail, delete or move mails in bulk (when it was possible before YAHOO! decided to be too smart with "upgrades"?) They are upgrading their mail from an nice tasty orange to a rotten lemon! And now I can't go to the YAHOO! login page, much less check my mail or do anything else for more than a month already! I have decided to switch my email contact to gmail. No problem there except they seem a little different in design. Just takes a little "acquired taste". You want me to pay for YAHOO! Mail services? Let them untangle the mess they did to my account and then I will consider paying as you suggest. (whatever you find as unpleasantness in this mail is totally meant for YAHOO! not you personally. They are looking like more and more the YAHOO tribe in Alley Oop)
      On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 4:24 AM, Ginger CD <gingergmc@...> wrote:

      Bill - I want to apologize for my poor word choice. I saw the words and not the intent. Some times we become negative with all the Spam.

      --- In mailto:Y-Mail%40yahoogroups.com, Bill wrote: >
      > Hi...I responded to your post yesterday, but it never made it to the group...my answer is...No...I'm not being paid a thing by anybody...my only reward is knowing I may have passed on some helpful info to other yahooer's who have hung tight with yahoo and endured all that has gone on with yahoo right up to this whole mess that yahoo mail has become...sure all things have their ups and downs...but yahoo's mail downs just continue to multiply...look what just happened...I just checked my sent folder and I responded to you yesterday at 5:46pm...but it never made it to the group 
      > >   > From The Land Of Bill
      >   > > > ________________________________ > From: Ginger CD
      > To: mailto:Y-Mail%40yahoogroups.com > Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2013 2:03 PM > Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Here's what works for me >
      >   > > Sigh! I hate to say it but this feels so much like a paid advertisement. Gushing about benefits, $$ to join, disclaimer, etc. I may be wrong. Just the way it feels. --- In mailto:Y-Mail%40yahoogroups.com, Bill wrote: > > Hi Everybody my name is Bill...like most of you I've been a yahoo guy since the 90's...what really got me back then was that Yahoo...to my knowledge anyhow...was the first to allow it's people to create their own start page; which was exactly what I had been wanting to do and that was just the beginning...Yahoo offered ground breaking services...INCLUDING...one that eventually led me to my current status and that service was...Personal Email Address...as I remember it ran around $35 a year...it was somewhat limited on domain choices...but I was very happy to have the opportunity to create my own edress and have my own identity on the web...Yahoo Was Absolutely On Top!!! >   > Now having said that know that...like so many of you I'm> sure...when gmail came along I opened an account just to check it out...and sure I had hotmail and aol...but none of them came close to yahoo >   > I'm sure you all know where I'm going with this...yahoo began to cut the very services that put it on top...INCLUDING...Personal Edress >   > Well people that was it for me...I went gmail full throttle...but I really missed having my personal edress...which led me to where I'm at today...and for me is...The Perfect Place >   > And that place is...GoDaddy >   > For a mere $15 a year...plus I do pay the extra $6 to not have my edress listed publicly which by doing so keeps a bunch of spam out of my inbox...I just renewed for 5 years and got the whole package for $12 a year...so for a dollar a month I got to take the 2 user names that I had been using my whole email experience...put them together...And I Created My Own Idenity...People...I Couldn't Be Happier...well that was until I realized that> My Real Achievement Was...Here It Comes...FREEDOM!!!! >   > People I can go to godaddy and instruct it to forward my email anyplace I choose...I stay signed into all my accounts...I've had it sent to yahoo..google and now I'm using outlook.com full time...which I have to say I'm liking...Oh and I set up each account to use MY edress as the "Sender"...not theirs...here comes the "F" word again lololololol...FREEDOM...It's all about having The Freedom to use whichever service I choose without having to go around and change my edress everywhere...but most of all ...I Have My Very Own Identity On The Web >   > Oh and please know that I gain absolutely nothing from godaddy for recommending it and I'm sure there are other companies out there offering the same services...I'm just passing on what is working for me and who knows it just might work for you too >   > Ok Folks Have A Good Day >   >   > >   > From The Land Of Bill >>

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