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Re: At last... Got the Calender tab

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  • brinkeguthrie
    does MM KNOW any of this? How pathetic. It s 9.17...that was announced 8/1.
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 17, 2012
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      does MM KNOW any of this? How pathetic. It's 9.17...that was announced 8/1.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Sumit Mehta" <sumit.mehta@...> wrote:
      > Even I don't use Yahoo! Calendar. Being members of Y-mail group, we are putting comments to let Y-mail know what we are thinking about the sluggish pace of its development.
      > Y-mail had announced Calender tab more than an year ago on the Y-mail blog. Even recent announcement on 1st Aug took 45 days to actually roll out the feature in my case.
      > There are other services and there is Gmail. I think nobody waits for Ymail so long.
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      > I don't even want it since I've more or less completed my switchover to Google. I'm just shocked that they would announce that it's here and then it would take so long for it to actually appear. I still don't have it.
      > Kenneth
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      > > Never ceases to amaze me.. all this todo over a "calender"...?
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