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Re: Yahoo Webmail & Shockwave Flash Crashes?

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  • askey.erskine
    The quick answer is perhaps you can use NoScript on Yahoo! Mail and *not* elsewhere... But NoScript works by giving permissions to individual elements, and
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      The quick answer is "perhaps" you can use NoScript on Yahoo! Mail and *not* elsewhere... But NoScript works by giving permissions to individual elements, and I'm not sure if it works the way you want. For instance, if you block ads.google.com on one page, I think it is usually blocked on all pages. But there are settings that are page or site-specific. If you have Firefox (or a variant, such as Pale Moon which is designed for Windows specifically), you should be using some of the add-ons already.

      The Wikipedia article on NoScript should be here:

      More information about NoScript, directly from the publisher:

      I don't know if NoScript exists for any browsers other than Firefox and its variants (I use Pale Moon myself) but I think there are clones for the different browsers.

      Good luck! -- John

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "G Pollara" <gpollara@...> wrote:
      > Thank you, that seems like a good suggestions. Can you use NoScript
      > selectively on Yahoo Mail but not other web pages?
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      > askey.erskine
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      > Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Webmail & Shockwave Flash Crashes?
      > Using Firefox, the NoScript and FlashBlock add-ons short-circuit things like
      > Flash-based ads. If the ads can't load, they can't run or crash. If you're
      > running Firefox without NoScript at mininum, you're simply not browsing
      > smartly.
      > In Chrome, I had problems with Flash crashing. A little web research and I
      > learned that Chrome has a version of Flash built in, and it can conflict
      > with the Adobe Shockwave Flash tool. I think if you type about:settings or
      > about:plugins you will load a page where you can see these internals. You
      > can disable either one, or both, and see if that fixes anything.
      > Internet Explorer has its flaws. There are a few good reasons to keep it and
      > to use it - mostly, as far as I'm concerned, if you have to visit Microsoft
      > web sites such as Update. That said, it makes for another option for
      > browsing. If you are having problems, trying different browsers can help
      > pinpoint the problem - sometimes. But be sure you are on the latest version
      > of IE you can for your OS version, and that you keep current with the
      > Microsoft Updates and patches.
      > Clearing your cache MAY NOT solve problems with flash ads crashing, but it's
      > another thing to try if nothibg else seems to be working. Plus, closing and
      > restsrting the browser might work. And rebooting the computer, sometimes a
      > full power off "cold" restart, not just a restart, is required to get things
      > right.
      > I think most of the time we can simply do without the flash objects, so
      > disabling Flash directly, or blocking those parts of the page with
      > Flashblock or NoScript, is a pretty good approach. Some web content,
      > unfortunately, is designed with Flash, so disabling Flash completely can
      > break a page.
      > I'm not sure what tools are available for Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc. but
      > there might be script blockers even if NoScript isn't available.
      > Good luck!
      > -- John
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      > > I'm using Firefox right now and I haven't had that happen.. YET.
      > > I hope it stays that way.
      > >
      > >
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      > > Subject: [Y-Mail] Yahoo Webmail & Shockwave Flash Crashes?
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      > > Yahoo mail has increasingly become unusable due to the Shockwave Flash
      > adverts at the top of each page. Many times - even when just scrolling the
      > inbox of emails - Yahoo mail completely seizes up and refuses to respond.
      > Then after many minutes a message comes back stating that the Shockwave
      > Flash plugin has crashed. After this Yahoo mail flies. This happens on all
      > browsers - Chrome, IE - which I use most (but also , Safari, Opera, Firefox
      > / Mozilla, etc.) How can I stop the Flash Shockwave plugin from slowing down
      > Yahoo mail to the point of unusability, and stopping the adverts from being
      > downloaded. Thank you.
      > >
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