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RE: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo's own troubles?

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  • Goutam Nath
    If that happens, it won’t be the same Yahoo as we knew it, changes are fine but drastic changes is an unwelcomed risk from a customers perspective. People
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      If that happens, it won’t be the same Yahoo as we knew it, changes are fine but drastic changes is an unwelcomed risk from a customers perspective. People look for reliable long term services, if this new strategy fails again they will try to come back to their usual products by which time most of the customers would have moved to other providers. I am not against new strategies and services, but the most recommended option in my opinion would have been to explore revenue options within the present set of services which the company is offering, while pursuing the development of new services. Yahoo has a good infrastructure, the lay offs isn’t much of a concern as long as the present employees and management (no matter how less) could device a strategy into utilise the workforce efficiently.





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      Be prepared: Yahoo! is going to close ~50 products.




      Henrique "LonelySpooky" Junior


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      My view is that Yahoo has big troubles and this has been evident for a
      number of years; the cause being incompetent senior management at board

      A company that lays off thousands of workers has got to be in deep
      trouble, no matter what spin the board of management put on it.

      In the early days Yahoo was way out front and Google and Facebook should
      never have been allowed to happen.

      The current situation in relation to the Yahoo programs is that nothing
      works and given that Yahoo has dismissed thousands of workers, I don't
      think there is anyone left who is capable of fixing the program

      I think that at this stage it is pointless in trying to speculate on the
      future of Yahoo Groups and the spreading of rumours only creates more

      Only time will tell.


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      > Perhaps it's me(very likely) but on the other hand, I read that Yahoo,
      or more to the point, people at Yahoo's helm, are under a lot of
      pressure, due to CEO issues, and a down market as well. Dealing with
      the kinds of details involved with designing, re-designing, and
      operating an enterprise such as Yahoo may be beyond the capacity of an
      anxious employee who may be dependent on Yahoo as a source of income.
      Could a 'trickle down' phenomenon theroy be at work here?
      > Rumor has it that Groups will be the first to go, but that may be
      because Yahoo hopes we'll be the first to squeak the loudest, and do
      something, anything we can to save the Y day, whatever that may be.
      > Increase in advertising? Infusion of $$? Public supportive commentary?
      > More than any other(except Mail!Classic) Yahoo offering, Groups has
      meant more to me than I had ever expected.
      > FB


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