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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Is Neo ready to leave beta?

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  • G Pollara
    Agree entirely that it s quite embarrassing that we re waiting over 2 years for something that was promised at the time as coming soon. However, technically,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11 10:31 AM
      Agree entirely that it's quite embarrassing that we're waiting over 2 years for something that was promised at the time as coming soon. However, technically, given that neither of these features were present before the current beta, I guess one can't call them "missing"!

      Your general point about being kept up to date is valid. I like it when yahoo staff do write on here, but sometimes would be good to have heads up for some new features or the thinking behind them (perhaps in more detail than on mail blog). They perhaps could use the group as an expert focus group, but perhaps they don't feel the need to do so as they get adequate feedback from other sources.

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      From: "Chuck Halverson" <chuckhalverson@...>
      Date: Mon, Apr 11, 2011 14:42
      Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Is Neo ready to leave beta?
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      I cant even believe this is even brought up officially on the Y Mail blog.   I
      am and have been a plus user for years and there are many features STILL missing
      Neo.  Calandar and Notepad (Im starting to think they will never integrate
      these) just to name a couple.  I would like some sort of sign from Yahoo

      that theres more to this than what we are seeing.  I also have never seen a tech
      company as this one promise things that never come. Calendar integration

      (announced what 3 or so years ago?!?) is becoming the joke......  I am still a
      Yahoo fan but I am starting to wonder about the people in charge of Mail. 

      Here we are on the Yahoo Mail users group, people who care about this product,
      and unless I missed something, there hasn't been hardly anyone officially from
      discussing projects or features upcoming or just keeping us in the know how
      things are progressing...even if its bad news.....   There are blatantly
      features missing and they decide maybe its time for mail to leave beta?!?  

      Ive been part of this beta group since it started and Y Mail is part of my daily
      existence. Its interface and features are so much better than Gmail or Hotmail,
      I just dont understand

      the concept of taking away features on a new version. To be honest,  it seems
      neo is just a new coat of paint so far....    

      Sorry for the crab post...   :)

      St. Paul, MN  

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