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Re: Important information about Rogers Yahoo! Calendar and Rogers Yahoo! Notepad

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  • Baz
    To: nadir.mohamed@rci.rogers.com ; rob.bruce@rci.rogers.com ; bob.berner@rci.rogers.com ; keith.pelley@rci.rogers.com Re: Replacing Classic Yahoo! Calendar,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2011
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      Re: Replacing Classic Yahoo! Calendar, Contacts & Notepad with New.


      I received this email yesterday and it poses some significant challenges for me – and doubtless others who use the service.

      Like others, I use the Rogers Yahoo! Calendar, Contacts and Notepad online service that came with my subscription online and sync this via the capabilities that came with my Rogers-supplied BlackBerry (8520, running OS5).
      Unless something has very recently occurred with your Yahoo and RIM partners, the new Rogers Yahoo! Calendar, Contacts and Notepad does not sync with the BlackBerry or its most recent Desktop. This therefore renders the online service and the service found on my BlackBerry (software almost as important as the pushed email) almost entirely useless to me – and I'm hardly about to go out and invest in a copy of Outlook to partly restore the capabilities I enjoy with the current Rogers Yahoo! service.

      If it seems this change is inevitable (and your partners Yahoo! and RIM are not co-operating in sync software) then it seem my next option may be a hardware change that does work with the new Yahoo! (Apple iPhone – not even sure this will work with new Yahoo!) or moving away from the Rogers Yahoo! online presence completely to, say, a Google homepage and Gmail service with, again, new hardware (iPhone or Android). But again, these are expenses for me to cobble together a fix that is not a current problem.

      It is most unfortunate for Rogers subscribers.

      Yours sincerely,
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