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Re: [Y-Mail] How do I Block a request to Connect ?

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  • Craig Wright
    Howdy David, You should be able to block the person from their Pulse profile. If there is a link to pulse.yahoo.com in that email, it
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      Howdy David,

      You should be able to block the person from their Pulse profile. If there is a link to "pulse.yahoo.com" in that email, it probably is a link to their profile. There are Block and Report Abuse links on the profile page.

      I am surprised "block" is not a link in that email.

      Hope this helps,

      On Oct 6, 2010, at 12:50 AM, David Halfpenny (y) wrote:


      Yahoo have sent me the following email that I don't know how to handle: The
      starred items are Links.

      The email says:

      "Hey David,
      Celinda Blackman wants to connect with you on Yahoo!.
      Start sharing what's most important to you across the web. If you accept
      Celinda Blackman's invite, you can see updates, photos and more.

      *Celinda Blackman*


      Celinda Blackman is now following your *public updates*. You can always
      change your *settings* or block this person.
      If you don't know this person *report abuse/spam*.
      This invitation will expire in 180 days. You can also *manage the
      notifications you receive from Yahoo!. "

      Mr Blackman is a stranger whose Profile is blank apart from name, sex and
      age, so I don't like the idea that he is already following my public
      updates, especially as I have no idea what they are or how to find out what
      he can see.

      I would like to Block him but none of the links lead to a Block facility,
      nor can I find how to do it from Yahoo Help.

      I have already closed down almost everything on my Profile, apart from
      allowing people to Search for my YahooID. I only allow that because if I
      turn it off my Avatar defaults to a Grey Ghoul!

      The reason for my caution is that during this summer both Microsoft and
      Facebook sent me a torrent of official message notifications that purported
      to be from pimps and whores. Despite frequent complaints, the torrent only
      stopped when I deleted my profile information. When Pulse came in, I
      thought it prudent to do the same with Yahoo.

      Please advise how I can Block people, either before or after they ask, and
      whether I ought to disable the avatar as well.

      Thanks, David 1/2d

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