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Re: [Y-Mail] group moderation

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  • Shal Farley
    Gil, Those are some very good questions, probably best addressed in one of the groups about groups.
    Message 1 of 3 , May 29, 2010

      Those are some very good questions, probably best addressed in one of the groups about groups.

      The short answer is that it is possible, but the requirements and procedure are as yet unpublished. Quoting from a recent post by someone who's done it: "You have to write to Customer Care and CLEARLY state that you would like to have a MODERATOR appointed for the abandoned group, and ask them for their requirements, and how to do it. [Use the regular Customer Care form - NOT the abuse form. Also, do not include/combine any other issues that you may be having with the request for a new moderator. Use a separate form for each issue.]"

      From any Groups page (not an Yahoo mail page):
      Help -> Starting... -> Contact Us -> Tech Support

      -- Shal

      At 03:59 AM 5/29/2010, you wrote:
      >I belong to a group where the owner has abandoned it and there
      >doesn't appear to be any moderator(s).
      >Is there a way to have Yahoo assign one or more members to
      >moderator status?
      >Can one person be assigned as a lead moderator and the others,
      >with slightly less permissions, be assigned as co-moderators?
      >Is there someplace on Yahoo or elsewhere that provides
      >guidelines to those who'd like to be a moderator? and guidelines
      >for the group?
      >The general consensus is that a lot of the bogus posts and polls
      >are being made by one person. If his IDs are banned, is there
      >any way to determine, from an application to join the group,
      >that it's the same person? (IP Address for example).
      >If Yahoo allows for one or more people to moderate, what would
      >be your suggestions for current members, membership
      >applications, polls (most are disgustingly inappropriate to the
      >group), rules and guidelines, etc.
      >Is there something on Yahoo I can read about this? I tried
      >Google searching, but came away with a lot of nothing.
      >Any other suggestions or advice?
      >Thank you
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