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Re: Farmville in Y! Mail ?... Oh Com'on !!!!!

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  • GuillaumeB
    Well, yeh of course it s gonna be an application ! And of course i m gonna have the choice to activate it or not. What bothers me is, as you said, that Yahoo
    Message 1 of 11 , May 27, 2010
      Well, yeh of course it's gonna be an application ! And of course i'm gonna have the choice to activate it or not. What bothers me is, as you said, that Yahoo should spend some time on this overly minor features in my opinion. In fact i hope they won't spend one single minute on it and that it will be done by a third party dev.

      Also what bothers me is that Yahoo! should spend some times promoting these kind of features !!! This is the core of the problem. Yahoo has been promoting Facebook and Twitter inside Yahoo Mail for the past 6 months ... when the others are unveiling real true features.

      Instead, those real true features, like the calendar as a tab in Yahoo Mail seems to have been forgotten. This feature was announced on February 17th with the mention "Adding the Calendar to a tab in the All-New mail will be coming soon"...

      It seems that as Yahoo is trying to focus its strategy and be a media company the Mail team has lost its passion for innovation and technology. Even Yahoo does not want to create cool new mail applications. And what's wrong with the calendar which was unveiled in beta in Oct 2008 ? Should i mention the Yahoo Mail Plus subscription unchanged since its introduction in Nov 2002 ?

      Last time i spoke to Gregory Talon, PM at Yahoo Mail Europe in London, he told me there were over 1000 people working on Yahoo! Mail. I have absolutly no idea what those employees are paid for but this is certainly not for having innovating ideas.

      I could go on and on but the purpose of this message is not to keep complaining but rather trying to understand this stagnant feeling many of us seem to be having these days.
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