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Re: [Y-Mail] 4 pessimist thoughts about Yahoo! Mail

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  • G Pollara
    Hello all. Interesting points raised. I m fairly open minded about the new hotmail changes. Willing to see how they re implemented first. However I agree that
    Message 1 of 2 , May 26, 2010
      Hello all. Interesting points raised.

      I'm fairly open minded about the new hotmail changes. Willing to see how they're implemented first. However I agree that the Exchange access that hotmail will provide easily trumps yahoo's very limited access options. Specifically I really wish they offered at least some Android support. This operating system is the one growing the fastest and it's astonishing that yahoo hasn't produced anything yet for it. This is.especially the.case given that such users will have ready-made for them a Gmail inbox sitting there waiting to be used. At first obstacle to use yahoo, many will just switch to gmail. I have spoken to many people in exactly this scenario. I can only use POP because I have a Plus account. The webmail version is very good but just not as fast, convenient or available offline.

      The other thing I worry about.for yahoo is the focus of the mail product. Bartz mentioned on Monday that new products will come in Mail next month. I'm sure she means integration with Facebook, etc.. per se, that's absolutely fine, but you touch on an important aspect, which is functionality and speed of the.main product, which mustn't be sacrificed.

      In addition, it seems that yahoo's mail offering is very much leaning towards the social life aspect of things, etc, whereas there seems little emphasis on turning it into a functional suite of products for work related functions as well. I worry that the.concept of integrating applications into mail, while initially novel, will be implemented better elsewhere, perhaps even Hotmail in the end!

      Here end my main concerns.

      On Tue, 25 May 2010 17:16 BST GuillaumeB wrote:

      >Hi all,
      >So yeh I'm having pessimist thoughts about Yahoo! Mail right now and here are four reasons why.
      >1- To be honest I'm easger to test out the new Hotmail. It seems Microsoft has made the most of the built-in search engine in order to create filters on the fly and add that sweep options. To me it basically reproduces the Gmail features but done in a nicer, easier way in order to suit 375 million people. In comparaison we all know the efficience of the Yahoo! Mail Search engine (irony here of course). It seems to me that overusage of Ajax in Yahoo! Mail simply can give us a good search engine.
      >2- The only thing in my opinion that would have made Yahoo! Mail shine and be a real technological leader would have been the implementation of Exchange/ActiveSync. IMAP is pretty much a standard now (GMail, AOL) and yahoo offering true global IMAP would be seen as mere catching-up. I already talked about that over here. I would even have paid for Exchange/Active Sync. It would placed Yahoo at the top again on the Mail market but would also have provided a great challenge to to Google's Android or Apple's Mobile Me offer.
      >But Hotmail will receive Exchange/Active Sync... for free ! This is pretty huge in my opinion. Man, Yahoo does not even provide free pop in the USA and limits IMAP to cellphones !
      >3- This partnership with Nokia also makes me think that we're pretty far from seen radical changes in Yahoo! Mail. Once the login IDs will be federated on the Yahoo! portal in order to allow Ovi members to log in their new webmail, the Mail team will want them to have time to discover their new web app. Certainly the mail team will want to wait at least one or two years before introducing drastic changes to Yahoo! Mail...Hell, they just finished the Mail options page a couple weeks ago !
      >4- The Nokia deal might, at best, result in an Exchange-like feature, but this would be limited to Nokia phones, meaning Nokia cellphone-only and cellphones-only.
      >I have set up my Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail accounts all in sync with filters, redirections and POP configurations... so it will be easier for me to see what the new Hotmail really offers.
      >Anyone willing to tell me I'm completely wrong about my pessimist thoughts ?.... Please ...??
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