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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Mail Apps Zoho - why

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  • G Pollara
    you might well be correct, as I m not aware about how yahoo has supported developers in the past. Yet nevertheless, that shouldn t stop a load of in-house apps
    Message 1 of 19 , Dec 19, 2009
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      you might well be correct, as I'm not aware about how yahoo has supported developers in the past. Yet nevertheless, that shouldn't stop a load of in-house apps coming - yahoo news, sports, travel, etc... just like there have been for the Yahoo front page. So it may be a technical thing, or perhaps a shift in emphasis. I guess the front page is worth more advertising money cos non-yahoo members can also visit, whereas yahoo mail is only viewed (by the still large) group of mail subscribers.  

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      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups. com, G Pollara <gpollara@.. .> wrote:
      > The more general question of not enough apps, is intriguing. I was
      > hoping for an iphone-like growth in apps. I wonder why this hasn't
      > happened- after all companies would guarantee themselves massive
      > exposure to the large number of yahoo mail users. Shopping site
      > are a very good example of this. Possibly there may be financial
      > issues or perhaps it's technically difficult to create apps whilst
      > simultaneously not compromising mail functionality. On that, I have
      > no idea.

      I would hazzard a guess here:
      Maybe not enough developers are keen to supply Yahoo with free labor? Yahoo does not have the best track record when it comes to rewarding (recognizing) efforts by its own members.

      Just my $.02

      Cheers oth,
      Looks like g00gle is making headway...
      http://preview. tinyurl.com/ ye483pr

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