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RE: [Y-Mail] linux.. (OT)

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  • Goutam Nath
    Flagging this topic as OT, as this is an off topic discussion. Silk, Installing Linux is tricky for a beginner if you already have windows installed on your
    Message 1 of 26 , Sep 19, 2009
      Flagging this topic as OT, as this is an off topic discussion.
      Installing Linux is tricky for a beginner if you already have windows installed on your pc. Just to be on the safe side, Download  "virtual pc 2007 sp1" and install linux for now, then if you wish to dualboot windows and linux we might post some instructions here to guide you through.
      Links to download some linux distributions:
      All the above are also Live CD's/DVD's, which means you can boot your pc using them and run linux without having to install it on your harddrive. (I believe someone has already pointed this out before)
      You can place your order for an Ubuntu CD/DVD, this one is free and they will also deliver it to you free of charge.

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      Hi.. Look it.. I have now XP.. How do i install Linux for a try.. Can i leave XP in the computer AND try Linux.. do I go to some site to down load linux..
      All i want t do is try it.. any suggestions.. simplest version would be fine.. simolest method would be fine..thanx

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      or if you are not too confident, I'll suggest that you try in Virtual PC

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      Well, first of all, there are many different versions of Linux. You'll have
      to do a little research to decide which one you want to try. Once you've
      decided, simply go to the company's website, download the .iso file (usually
      600-800 MB), burn it to a bootable disc, then install.
      LinuxMint & Ubuntu are very popular. I would recommend a minimum 30GB hard
      drive depending on your needs, & 1GB of RAM should work fine. You should
      also have a minimum 2Ghz processor. Keep in mind that this may also require
      a new motherboard, since the one you have might not be able to handle the
      necessary RAM & processor. Also, some programs you might be using in window$
      aren't compatible with Linux, so you need to ask yourself what you intend to
      do with the system. For a big-time gamer, Linux isn't really the way to
      go.... However, there are alternatives to Paint Shop Pro & M$ Word.

      Silk wrote:
      > Hi.. will you tell how you went about installing linux.. I would like
      > top try it on one of my computers.. what is the size of hard disk
      > require and how much memory ( RAM)

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