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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: New features

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  • Sasafrass
    Huh? I don t see anything called favorites ....
    Message 1 of 20 , Aug 20, 2009
      Huh? I don't see anything called "favorites"....

      Glenda Davidson wrote:
      > Okay, I think I can help you here, if I am not mistaken what you are
      > asking about.......go to yahoomail.com and if you still have the
      > original homepage, there should be a corner page turned down on the
      > upper left hand corner that will say something about new yahoo mail.
      > And it will bring up a updated homepage screen and there will be
      > favorites on the left hand side of the screen and all you have to do
      > is put your cursor on each favorite, for example...Yahoo! Mail....and
      > it will bring up a box that will have all the emails in there whether
      > you have read it or not......but this goes for Facebook, Myspace if
      > there are any messages that are are new that you have not read. It
      > just depends on what you have in your favorites. This is the new Yahoo
      > Mail Homepage and I hope this is what you was asking about....Glenda
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