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  • Brian
    Before that .. Is anything of any use? I m using the, so called Rich text editor in which neither the font style nor the font size is changable. Message
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2009
      Before that .. Is anything of any use? I'm using the, so called "Rich text editor" in which neither the font style nor the font size is changable.

      Message search:-

      Has it any function?????
       I entered "Next Vehicle" the KNOWN subject line, in the search.
      What came up? One message ... follow this

      Subject line reads
      "Right whales should not have to die for military practice."
      NOWHERE in the 3 letters did I find the word "vehicle" let alone the two words "next+vehicle" juxtaposed.

      One reads 
      "how the song birds are disappearing, featuring Robert Bateman:

      Was Rachel Carson 40 yrs. ahead of her time?"

      This in answer to "On a similar note, police organizations in various cities, to combat the
      problem, they say, of people not paying attention to sirens and flashing
      lights, have come up with a new tactic: 

      Sending out Strong EMF pulses that shake everything --- the ground,

      its on trial now in NYC and Washington, DC, they say

      I do not want to think about its effect on animal and plant life.

      one more to cheer your hearts: :("

      The thread started

      "With his lights and sirens blaring, D.C. police officer Lou Schneider raced
      to an emergency call, past dozens of startled onlookers standing on the
      crowded streets of the city's Chinatown area.

      The ground beneath Schneider's patrol car literally was quivering.

      Officer Lou Schneider says the Rumbler gets motorists' attention and clears
      intersections more quickly than using only a conventional siren.
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