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Re: Failure of Delete shortcut key

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  • George Hutfilz
    Your understanding of the issue is correct, Ryan. The delete keystroke does not work when viewing an individual message in a tab. I understand your comment
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 21, 2008
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      Your understanding of the issue is correct, Ryan. The "delete"
      keystroke does not work when viewing an individual message in a tab.

      I understand your comment about the ability to open multiple tabs, but
      this is a resource hog. My preferred way of navigating new mail is
      sequentially to process it from oldest to newest; in that process the
      majority of my mail items are read, replied to if needed, and then
      deleted before moving automagically to the next item.


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Ryan" <ymailblog1@...> wrote:
      > Hi George,
      > Sorry if I'm a little slow following this (been a long week). Let me
      > make sure I'm understanding this correctly. Everything you describe
      > seems to work as designed (and as you prefer) EXCEPT that if you are
      > viewing an individual message (via tab) in All-New Mail you can't delete
      > with the "delete" keystroke. Instead you have to go to your mouse and
      > click the "delete" button in the toolbar.
      > Once you confirm that I'm understanding it, I'll be happy to pass the
      > feedback along. I'd also like to mention that you can navigate left or
      > right within tabs after opening a message (ctrl+[ or ]) and delete items
      > once you get back to your inbox.
      > -Ryan
      > --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "George Hutfilz" <ghutfilz@> wrote:
      > >
      > > With the change making the subject field a hot link in the list view
      > > of the mail (like it is in Classic), opening the text in a new window,
      > > I would like to change my mode of reviewing mail to exploit this, but
      > > an old, old bug that has never been fixed stops me.
      > >
      > > In the three pane interface, the keyboard shortcut "delete" key is
      > > active to delete a message either from the list pane or from the text
      > > in the preview pane. This allows me to walk through messages swiftly
      > > using the PgUp, PgDn, and Delete keys, never touching the mouse. If I
      > > want to skip to the next message rather than delete the current one,
      > > then CTRL. does the trick.
      > >
      > > Unfortunately, since keyboard shortcuts were introduced in the beta,
      > > the keyboard "delete" key has not functioned when the message is
      > > displayed in a separate window. To delete such a message, the cursor
      > > must be positioned over the "Delete" button and a left mouse click
      > > made. This makes the keyboard shortcuts much less attractive since
      > > I'm right handed and both the mouse and the operative keys are on the
      > > right hand side of the keyboard.
      > >
      > > Ryan, any chance we can finally get this fixed? The problem report I
      > > submitted to Customer Care (?) has probably been open for a year and a
      > > half without response or action.
      > >
      > > George Hutfilz
      > >
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