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[Y-Mail] Strange behavior with email addresses

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  • Kristie Strum
    I just noticed a strange behavior, and I m not sure if it s new or not, or if it s a feature or a bug. I have a few addresses set up within my Yahoo Mail
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2008
      I just noticed a strange behavior, and I'm not sure if it's new or not, or if it's a "feature" or a bug.

      I have a few addresses set up within my Yahoo Mail account, a couple of which are associated with the domain I own, one of which I use for friends and family, the other for my small business. I use my regular Yahoo email address for pretty much everything else, including Yahoo Groups. I have all the email for these private accounts forwarded to my Yahoo account.

      So let's say I start an email to one of my Yahoo Groups (in my case it's a daily newsletter type thing I send to the group I own) using my regular Yahoo email account (which is my default), and while I'm in the midst of putting it together, I get an email from a friend at one of my non-Yahoo accounts and reply to it. What I don't expect to happen is that the "From" in the other email I'm working on changes to my private account's email address, but that's what happens. This also happens if I manually change from one address to another in an email I'm working on; it will then be applied to all other email messages I have open and in progress. It seems to me that whichever address I choose for each email I'm writing should stick to that email.

      It seems like if this has been happening all along I'd have noticed it more before now, but yesterday because of this my daily newsletter never got to my Yahoo Group because it got changed to being sent from one of my private email accounts.

      I'm on farm 529, version 1.5.0, build 1155.11. I have no idea if I should report this as a bug, because it might be a feature that others appreciate. Thoughts?

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