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Re: [Y-Mail] Latest Yahoo Mail upgrade - NO THANK YOU!!

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  • Michael Taylor-Judd
    I d point out once again that this is a feature that operates in Outlook, and while I suppose that s great if you re trying to capture Outlook users for
    Message 1 of 20 , Apr 3, 2008
      I'd point out once again that this is a feature that operates in Outlook, and while I suppose that's great if you're trying to capture Outlook users for Y-Mail, I'd love to see evidence of the polls or focus groups that suggested we'd all prefer a more Outlook-like user interface for Y-Mail. *SIGH*

      Michael 8-)

      "One of the interesting things about this experience argument is that it's often posed as just a function of longevity. You know, 'I've been here longer.' Well, you know there are a lot of companies that have been around longer than Google... but Google's performing." --Barack Obama, speaking on CBS's "60 Minutes" (2/8/2008)

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      I was horrified to discover that my drafts disappear
      after I use them to send an email. I use drafts as
      templates, and use them over and over. Some of them
      I've used hundreds of times, and my Draft folder is
      like a file cabinet for me.

      This isn't the only reason I can't use New Mail (one
      other big reason is I can't preview Excel files
      without opening the software, although I still can in
      Classic) but it's one of the big ones.

      I've already submitted this in feedback when I briefly
      switched to New Mail to test it out.

      Yikes! I sure hope Classic Mail remains available for
      a long, long, long time...


      --- G Pollara <gpollara@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > Just re-read my own post - thought I'd clarify that
      > the great feature is that Y Mail now auto saves your
      > email in the draft folder every 2 minutes or so
      > whilst you're composing it (and tells you the time
      > this happened)
      > Sorry, not sure I made it entirely clear.
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      > Sent: Friday, 29 February, 2008 12:36:02 PM
      > Subject: [Y-Mail] Latest Yahoo Mail upgrade - thank
      > you very much
      > I've just got the latest build and
      > whilst I've mentioned before that i
      > love the way drafts automatically leave the draft
      > folder once the
      > email has been sent, I've only just realised why
      > this happens. Yahoo
      > Mail now drafts ALL emails - thank you, thank you,
      > thank you.
      > Hopefully gone are the days when computer/firefox/
      > wireless crashes or
      > outages will make me rewrite entire emails again
      > (that I'd forgotten
      > to save).
      > That's it - thought it was time something good was
      > written about Y
      > mail - we do tend to comment on omissions more often
      > than not.

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