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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Yahoo Beta Ajax Interface

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  • Liz Yumrutepe
    When I started reading this thread what came to my mind was a fine bottle of wine... it needs to breathe after opened Think of going into a store for some wine
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 6, 2006
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      When I started reading this thread what came to my mind was a fine bottle of wine... it needs to breathe after opened
      Think of going into a store for some wine (going to the Internet searching for an email account)
      You see rows upon rows of bottles (lots of free email providers)
      Some like reds (pop3) some like whites (basic) some prefer champagne (Imap)
      Some like to try different kinds (beta testers)
      Some people like the same kind all the time (fear of change)
      All people have different pallets for various reasons (different needs for their email accounts)
      There can never be one type of grape and one type of wine (one email provider)
      What there can be is a vineyard (yahoo) that produces different kinds of flavors (various addresses,various email accounts,paid,free,intl, .com,@your name,...etc)

      And in order to enjoy a good wine after it breathes is to "sip" it not gulp it like wine out of a box (Microsoft)!!!

      Microsoft is notorious for rolling out quicker than the fixes can be applied so if we all learn a bit of patience (like we all had prior to the Internet) than in time we will all become a happier world of techies. And also lets keep in mind that google and yahoo merged last year

      " Knowledge is the key to life "

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      I don't know. Despite having a Spanish Yahoo! account, I was already
      able to use Yahoo! Mail Beta when they released it in September.

      On the opposite I wasn't able to get an invite for Windows Live Beta.
      Well, a few days ago it was possible to use Windows Live Beta without
      invite so a tried it and it has much less features than Yahoo! Mail
      Beta, there are bugs, furthermore it doesn't work yet with Firefox
      (well, it works with Firefox, but currently with less features than in
      the old Hotmail version).

      I don't understand your complaint about keyboard shortcuts, they work
      with the normal version of Yahoo! Mail (as well as with the beta version).

      I understand you would like to try Yahoo! Mail Beta as soon as
      possible, but on the other hand such a new version is something which
      needs time to be developped and I think it's normal to limit the
      number of beta testers at the beginning.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "p.chakravarthy" <p.chakravarthy@y...>
      > Hi,
      > I am still using the age old yahoo interface for checking mail.
      > Gmail is providing ajax interface and even hotmail is inviting very
      > fastly to their ajax interface. Why does yahoo delaying to invite
      > people to test their beta(ajax interface) service. It is very
      > frustating for people who still stick to yahoo and not moving to other
      > email providers.
      > I agree that Yahoo is best in its email service. But, it will
      > be very good if they allow keyboard shortcuts etc. How long should
      > people wait to use this?. What is the point in delaying the beta
      > invitation ?
      > I am sorry if you think this mail as spam. I just posted it, to take
      > this matter into light.

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