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Re: [Y-Mail] Firefox Problem

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  • Nancy J
    I clear the cache after I use Firefox at the end of the day of if I specifically wish to clear the browser. I may have a FF window or two open all day into
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 22, 2007
      I clear the cache after I use Firefox at the end of the day of if I specifically wish to clear the browser.  I may have a FF window or two open all day into the night and rarely have an issue with my email. 

      So, while clearing the browser may help with your issue, for me, it seems like something else is happening here.  You shouldn't have to go through that.  Keep searching for an answer that doesn't make you have to clear your cache.

      I disagree that having a cache isn't still helpful even with a cable modem.  I have cable (and have for the past 8 years), and although I DOOO rebuild my cache everytime that I close/clear/reopen FF, it is a pain for things like Yahoo or eBay or other sites that can't cache my password, as I have to continuously sign into FF when I clear the cache.  So, there are things about constant clearing of cache that do take longer -- regardless of how you receive communication across your internet connection.
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      Thanks, I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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      If you are using Broadband (DSL or Cable) turn off cache (tools|options| Advanced| Network tab) by setting the value to 0.  Cache within a browser was designed back in the days of real slow dial-up service, so you would not have to download items over and over.  With broadband it is not very necessary, and with some of the new "Web 2" technology, it can actually create problems because the browser will load cached data when it should load new data.  Clear the existing cache while you are at it.

      I'm not sure it will solve your problem, but as a long time (Phoenix .5 beta) Firefox user, I've not had the problem you describe.


      On Dec 20, 2007 3:17 PM, Kenton Ayers < kenton.ayers@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      I'm new to Firefox and having a problem I've never experienced with IE7. When I first open Y-Mail, I can open an e-mail and read it. Once I've opened one, I cannot read any more. New e-mails that I open will open, the header will appear, etc, but none of the text will appear.

      If I close the browser and re-open, it works fine. If I go in and delete private data, then it will work fine (fine being I can now open another e-mail).

      I know this isn't a Firefox help group, but I also know there are several Firefox users here. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get a more permanent fix?  I ran Disc Cleanup too, but it didn't help.

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