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Re: Big trouble with Yahoo premium Mail services

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  • James
    I ve never used this before, but DivShare sounds like a good file hosting site. Upload your videos, photos and other files, and we ll host them forever, for
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      I've never used this before, but DivShare sounds like a good file
      hosting site. "Upload your videos, photos and other files, and we'll
      host them forever, for free."

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Nancy J <ordinaryfoolisnj@...> wrote:
      > If I'm expecting a large file -- people usually will tell me or
      I'll ask them to send me an audio or video file via Yahoo -- I expect
      Yahoo to perform as promised on my plus account.
      > I rarely get sent unexpected large files, so I'm assuming the
      person writing the original email most likely warns the receiving
      account holder that they're sending them a large file so that they
      are not inconvenienced. If not, they should!
      > However, I've learned that Yousendit is an excellent alternative
      when sending large files (especially onces over the 20mb limit that
      Yahoo can handle). The link stays up for two weeks and the people
      can go to the link and download at their leisure.
      > The only thing that concerns me is security (which is why I don't
      use the service for anything work related). In the past, I paid for
      space on a site to share large files. I could control when they were
      up or taken down and more precisely who had access. But, you pay
      for what you get. For a freeby, Yousendit is pretty darned cool.
      What I'd really like to learn is how to use FTP to share larger
      files. Guess I need to buy webspace to do that.
      > L8!
      > Nancy J
      > Ordinaryfoolisnj@...
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      > While I understand your opinion on the matter from a service
      perspective, I do not from a technical perspective.
      > As already stated, you have to use the right tool for the job. The
      previous post about email being synonymous to a "postcard" rather
      than freight delivery is excellent.
      > It doesn't matter whether its Y! mail or any other. The point is
      that sending large files via email is never good practice. You
      are "assuming" that all your recipients are as lucky as you are and
      have excellent internet connections. You have to realize that your
      email can drastically affect your email recipients' ability to even
      receive their email. To illustrate:
      > your email is "next in line" for delivery to meI have 20 more
      emails next in line (in the queue, after yours)I happen to be
      traveling and I'm using my wireless phone/PDA for communicationYou
      have just affected me adversely. Unless I receive your large email
      successfully, chances are that the 20 others will remain in the queue
      and I don't get them (they'll be "stuck" next in the line). Your
      email is effectively "blocking" my ability to collect all my email.
      > You should also realize that even if Y! (or any other service)
      allowed you to send massive files, that in most settings, email
      servers are limited by their respective administrators. It's not
      uncommon for admins to restrict attachments to a maximum of 8 to 12
      MB - so your email will simply be rejected by the receiving
      servers/gateways. So you can send them, they're just never delivered.
      If any of your recipients have corporate email accounts, well, lets
      just say it's not going to be pleasant.
      > These are the reasons why limits are set. Its not as if someone
      just pulled a number out of thin air and set it. There are
      legitimate reasons for them - as you can see, it's not really just
      someone's idea of "policy".
      > You should look for other options to share your photos/videos in an
      efficient manner that allows your intended recipients the opportunity
      to view them at their choosing. I personally use Windows Live
      SkyDrive, a beta service from Microsoft:
      http://get.live.com/betas/skydrive_betas for non-critical files,
      because it's still in BETA (test mode). For critical files, you
      should go for paid online storage or video services. If all these
      video files are for public consumption then just youtube them. There
      are a bunch of other options, but these are the simplest ones.
      > Hope this helps. Happy holidays!
      > --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "cvrom2" <cvrom2@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I would like to know what the Yahoo Mail groups thought it is
      > > my recent letter I sent out to AT&T Yahoo Mail plus tech support
      > > and customer service? ("Are there others who feel this way?" "Or
      am I
      > > alone?") *Copy of this e-letter and tech support request I had
      > > out to Yahoo premium services is pasted below. *
      > >
      > >
      > > I currently have the Yahoo Mail plus premium services package.
      > > course, you know this service is at an additional cost, $20
      > > additional annually.
      > >
      > > I repeatedly have problems with sending my video files. I
      receive an
      > > error message in my mailbox window saying that the file cannot be
      > > sent or attached because it exceeds the 10MB - 20MB size limit.
      > > know for a fact that the size of the files I am attempting to
      send is
      > > often less than 20MB. But, yet there is still a problem with
      > > these files through my email; this should not be! The type of
      > > video files that I am sending are the typical WMV files
      > > with Windows media player. (Nothing unusual or different about
      > > files).
      > >
      > > For the extra money that I am paying Yahoo premium services, I
      > > easily be able to send video files or other files that are at
      > > 20MB in size or even greater! A regular e-mail account allows
      you to
      > > send files that are 10 to 20MB. So, why should I not expect my
      > > service to offer me even greater flexibility?
      > > The fact is, if I know for a fact that I am sending video files
      > > are less than 20MB in size using my paid Yahoo plus premium Mail
      > > services, then I should have no problem whatsoever! Why is it
      that I
      > > am paying for a service that does not allow me any greater
      > > flexibility than regular e-mail service? This does not make any
      > > sense! The file attachments size allowed in your Yahoo email
      > > should be greater. At least large enough for people to be able
      > > send a one minute audio-video file. Typically in order for me
      not to
      > > experience any file attachment problems, I can only send a video
      > > about 20 to 30 seconds. That is ridiculous! What ideas can the
      > > average person get across in just 20 to 30 seconds? That is
      > > Sorry to say this, but your service sucks! I expect better and
      > > especially if I am paying more!
      > >
      > > I would appreciate very much if something is done to improve your
      > > mail service as soon as possible concerning the technical
      > > that I am having with file size limitations, also attaching and
      > > sending my video files from my e-mail.
      > >
      > > I think this commentary is worth approval
      > > Vick M.
      > >
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