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Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Problems with Yahoo Mail the last 2 weeks.

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  • Ann
    Thank you for this. Your explanation seems to make the most sense to me. If only Yahoo would get on the ball and fix this or own up to it. It has been five
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      Thank you for this.  Your explanation seems to make the most sense to me.  If only Yahoo would get on the ball and fix this or own up to it.  It has been five days and after repeated requests, they still have not responded to this issue.  Clearly they don't care, aren't interested in fixing the problem, or have a deal with Google to send them new business.  Shoddy customer service is a poor excuse for solving this problem.  I've had more insight from all of you in this group than Yahoo is willing to give me.  Thanks again.

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      Actually, there's a more serious issue going on and it's not getting much exposure because users don't know about it, or rather, can't:  missing email. You wouldn't know something is wrong if you don't know about it - so if email never gets to your Y! box (any),  then it "never happened".

      I've been doing some research on this issue and have exchanged a few emails with very helpful Y! support. Regardless, this is whats going on (at least from what I can see):

      • Y! is deferring incoming connections - not all, just some. I am aware of the checklists about proper email, and well, good luck trying to figure out why one email from the same SMTP server is deferred, the other goes through. Both have SPF (only, no DKIM).
      • I don't know where it says that email is blocked instead of simply automatically Junked - re:  (delivered to your Junk Folder), but the point is that it seems blocking is occurring.
      • So if  someone sends you email from an unfortunate [insert whatever criteria here, server, ip, domain, etc.] then there's a chance you'll never get it - and you won't even know about it.
      While we all love cleaner In Boxes, "false positives" are, well, unacceptable. I'm in IT, and when a decision is made on things like email gateways/filters are concerned, the top concern isn't about how good it can track down UCE/SPAM/PHISH,  rather, it's how good it makes sure legitimate email goes through.

      And this isn't a "jab" at Y!, just getting real here that adds insult to injury: I just got another one of those "Vi.agra." emails in my Inbox....but that other email I'm expecting (testing actually),  is lost somewhere... .

      This isn't a support request....just bringing this up. It's not "a setting" or something - it's not account related. Things are pointing to some network/gateway activity doing "something".

      Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups. com, "qonc1" <qonc1@...> wrote:
      > For about the last two weeks, I have had the following problem with my
      > Yahoo email:
      > When I open up my yahoo page, I am notified that I have 2 or more
      > messages in my email. When I open my inbox, there are no new messages
      > in my inbox. It is very annoying and I have written Yahoo about
      > this. They wrote me back and told me there was no problem with my
      > account.
      > I took screenshots and jpeg'd them and sent them to Yahoo for an
      > explanation. They have not responded to me after the initial "we got
      > your email and are looking into the problem" response. Anyone else
      > having this annoying problem?

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
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