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Multiple mail features/functions not working in All-New Mail: Please Help!

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  • Jason
    I am using (or trying to use) All-New Mail with a subscription to Mail Plus, and with IE 7. Many functions/features in my Mail account are operating at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2007
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      I am using (or trying to use) All-New Mail with a subscription to
      Mail Plus, and with IE 7. Many functions/features in my Mail account
      are operating at abnormally slow speeds - or not at all - ever since
      my account was upgraded from Beta. These problems are occurring on
      more than one computer, and in more than one Yahoo! account that I
      have, though different problems occur at different times in the two

      ALL of the following problems have been happening frequently or all
      of the time during the past few weeks:

      1) When I double-click to open a message one of the following happens:
      A. None of the message - not the header nor the body - appear in
      B. A portion of the header, and nothing else, appears in tab.
      C. The entire header - and nothing else - appears in tab.
      D. The header and message both appear, but the button to "Allow
      Blocked Images" doesn't appear when images are part of message.
      E. Some or none of the message appears when first opened, and
      fully appears after closing the message and re-opening the
      message one or two more times.
      F. Everything appears, but only after 5-10 seconds have passed
      since double-clicking to open the message.

      2) After clicking on a folder icon the messages in the folder don't
      appear at all, or they appear after 5-10 seconds have passed.

      3) The chat feature literally takes 2-3 minutes to load; this happens
      all of the time.

      4) I have my account set to prompt me for my password every hour. In
      Yahoo! Beta, when I was in the middle of composing a message and it
      was time for the password prompt, a message appeared that said I
      would need to sign in again, and that whatever I was typing
      would be saved. And indeed the information was always saved.

      Now, when it's time for the security prompt, everything within the
      tab that I have open at the time disappears while the message
      "Checking Mail" appears in the upper right corner. It never
      completes the "Checking Mail" process and it seems that all of the
      other links/icons (like the folder icons to left of tab window)
      become inactive. So I click on my browser's refresh button and a
      message appears that says if I click on "Okay" to continue to be
      "redirected to a different screen", I will lose everything I am
      working on. When I click "Okay" I'm directed to the screen that
      requests that I re-enter my password, and that's why I believe
      this is always happening at the time when my password verification
      is supposed to happen.

      5) The spell checker in my mail account takes an abnormal amount of
      time to complete the check, or it doesn't do anything at all.

      I think I've observed some other problems, however these are the ones
      I notice the most. What makes this especially frustrating is that
      I don't even know whether these problems are occurring because of a
      problem with Yahoo!'s network, or due to a setting on my computer, or
      for some other reason.

      Please...someone HELP ME. I just finished a session of several hours
      looking for explanations/solutions to these concerns, with no
      success. I've used keywords to search the topic threads within
      this group, scanned all 571 threads from the past 30 days, and looked
      in the "Problems and Errors" section of the on-line Help...and I'm
      not finding any answers. Some or all of these problems must have a
      common cause.
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