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Re: [Y-Mail] Hi People/Brian/problem/Nancy

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  • Nancy J
    Bill, I don t think you ve opened up a can of worms (at least not with me). I ve studied computer security a little and know that to be completely secure from
    Message 1 of 21 , Jun 30, 2007
      Bill, I don't think you've opened up a can of worms (at least not with me).  I've studied computer security a little and know that to be completely secure from a hacker is to not be attached to the internet at all!  LOL

      p.s.  Thanks Greentea -- I wasn't sure about WAP2 -- and yeah, I know Yahoo is just the authentication -- the email I receive here is rarely sensitive, so its good enough for me to be somewhat secure that my password is secure through HTTPS -- although you then reminded about "man in the middle" attacks.  Jeesh.  Have a safe weekend!
      Nancy J
      "I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within."
      India Arie
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      From: Bill <netryder@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2007 6:48:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Hi People/Brian/problem/Nancy

      Remember What I Said.....Don't Get Paranoid...Just Be Aware

      I opened up a whole can of worms here.....sorry that was not my intention....I will simply say that...Hard Wired is a WHOLE LOT more secure than Most Wireless Connections In Public Places...I'm gonna leave it at that


      Nancy J <ordinaryfoolisnj@...> wrote:
      Yep, I did know that information sent via wireless was unencrpyted -- public and private.  So is most wired transmission including email unless the user is specifically using an encryption program.

      And yep those eavesdropping programs are there -- as well as one's that thiefs can use on hard wired Ethernet systems to steal data.

      One thing I wonder about -- what is encrypted when using wireless networks even on home system.  For instance, I use WPA2 security, which uses encryption. But what do they encrypt exactly?  Only log in authentication information to the router or all traffic sent between host and wireless router or access point?

      As for Yahoo, they use SSL over HTTP (HTTPS), so a log in to Yahoo should be secure EVEN over a public wireless network, correct?
      Nancy J
      Ordinaryfoolisnj@ yahoo.com
      "I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within."
      India Arie
      "Truth is anything I agree with"
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      From: Bill <netryder@billsville .biz>
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      Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 2:36:42 PM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Hi People/Brian/ problem

      Ok....well that didn't work....I just got this message in my inbox and checked the link and it's taking me to a Y-mail blog....weird? ??.....but as I look at the link I see that a couple of spaces appeared out of nowhere..... it worked just fine before I sent it

      ok....how about this....Brian I'm not going to send it hypertext... .just do a copy and paste

      http://dsc.discover y.com/beyond/ player.html? playerId= 203711706&bclid=823749165

      I just did copy and paste and it worked just fine....again. ...we'll see...lolololol


      Bill <netryder@billsville .biz> wrote:
      I don't think so Brian....I got this from a show on The Discovery Channel....It' s All Geek To Me....and I wasn't giving it my 100% attention... .but I did kinda tune in when I heard him talking about this

      Ok....Brian. ...here's what I just did.....I went to the shows website on The Discovery website and I actually was able to find the segment I'm referring to and I watched it again.....wait. ...I have an idea.....brb

      ok.....here' s the link

      http://dsc.discover y.com/beyond/ player.html? playerId= 203711706&bclid=823749165

      Brian when you get there look to the right and scroll down the clips until you see.....It's All Geek To Me:Wireless Internet Security.... .see what you think

      Brian when you think about it...it really isn't much of a surprise.... Hackers have hacked their way into places a whole lot more secure than the local Internet HotSpot

      Encryption seems to be the key....but the hackers will find away around that....And Then....security developers will come up with something else....we've all seen these things flip flop back and forth enough to know the routine...lolololol olol

      Just Be Aware....... .......Bill

      Brian VanArsdale <bv802@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Doesn't firewall protection on your laptop prevent things like that from happening?
      "Never, never, never give up." -- Winston Churchill

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      From: Bill <netryder@billsville .biz>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 3:09:55 PM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Hi People/Brian/ Green Tea

      Hi.....ok..let me take a wild guess here...but.. .I'm think'in you're a...Laptop.. .person.. .lololololol. ...it came to me somewhere in the middle of the word...."keystrokes ".....and that's fine....I'll always be a PC Guy....but I may get one myself now that they have some power and are truly Mobile...meaning that you can get online in various ways and places at an acceptable speed...I do have a word of warning about that...but that can wait a minute

      Ok...Green Tea...(do you mind if I call you Green Tea for short)...I think it was very nice of you to take the time to research all that out and create a place in Yahoo so you could pass it on to others....BUT. ...and you knew that but was coming....lololol. ...you don't need to do ANY of that with The Address Book...none of that....you just input your new contact...at which point you are given the option of adding that contact to 1 or more of your Existing Categories or you can even create a New Category right there on the spot....and if you want to do a multiple contact emailing...just check the boxes of those you want to email or if you want to email an entire Category.... you can do it with 2 Clicks...at the bottom of the Category you check the box...Check All.....and then Hit the button....Send Mail....which is right next to the buttons...Add To Category...and. ..Remove From Category.... oh and of course the...Delete Button....it really is simple.....OH and Search....sure you can do a Search of your Entire Address Book by putting in a Name....it will even search the Comments section for that name...or... .you could put in just a letter...and it will bring up every Contact you have in your Entire Address Book with that letter in it.....It Couldn't BE Any Simpler....and. ...this is a...BIIIIIG AND, Green Tea......It Is An Independent Program....It Stands Alone....You Do Not have to be in Yahoo Mail to have access to it....I have it right at the top of My Yahoo...which is my Start Page when I open my browser....of course you can choose any one of your Categories as the Default....which you can change at any time....or.. ..you can set...All... as the default

      Like I said before....It Couldn't Be Any Simpler...which is what computers are all about....they' re here to make our lives...Easier. ..not complicate things

      The Yahoo Address Book IS My Address Book....I haven't kept a hard copy Address Book in years....nor have I lost an address or e-dress or phone number in years.....like I said to Brian...I have 15 Categories.. ..3 of which are most personal to me....they are....The A List....The B List....and The Dead Zone....I'm sure you can figure out the progression. ...lolololololol ol.....but like I said....I have not lost a contacts info in many years....I just Move Them....and if I wanted to I can print the whole thing....or just chosen categories out...I can...hello hard copy....lololololol

      Oh and here's that word of warning....to all you Laptop people...you probably all know this....but you have to be careful about using these "Hot Spots"....like coffee houses and other public places that have wireless.... there is software out there that will let someone who is sitting in the same location...looking quite innocent...get into yours and everybody else's computer in that location without you ever knowing it....they have full access to your...hard drive....your emails...YOUR PASSWORDS... Everything you have on your Laptop can be viewed and or hijacked.... like I said....Just A Word Of Caution..... don't get paranoid.... But Be Aware

      Ok....I'm done....lololololol ......... ....Bill

      too_much green_tea <toomuchgreentea@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      It may be just me (and Brian lol), but I think the beta is heaven for keyboard lovers. With the classic interface, it is nearly impossible to do anything without constantly switching between the mouse and the keyboard. In beta, once you remembered the few key combinations for normal uses (e.g. m (Check Mail), n (Compose), c (Chat), r (reply), f (forward), k (Mark as Read), Ctrl+Enter (Send), Ctrl+] (Next tab), Ctrl+[ (Previous tab), Ctrl+\ (Close tab) ... etc.), having to touch the mouse becomes a rare event.

      I used to switch between the classic and the beta quite a bit, but lately I find myself using the beta more and more. And since the date construct helper is semi-completed, I no longer need to return to the classic to do date limited searches. That alone reduced at least one third of my classic uses.

      If you need to switch between the beta and the classic often, check out James' tip on how to save you from "switching" woes (http://blog. 360.yahoo. com/YMailFAQ? cq=1&p=45).

      BTW... have you checked out these tips for using beta's contacts? :)
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