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Re: [Y-Mail] Turning Signatures On and Off

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  • Annemarie de Haan
    IF u want to get rid of the sig when having Y! beta, you can go to options and Composing?. and there you could switch on or off. Also when you have it on and
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      IF u want to get rid of the sig when having Y! beta, you can go to options and Composing?.  and there you could switch on or off. Also when you have it on and click on composing the sig appears into the bodypart of the email. There you can get rid of it or change it but that only goes for that specific email not for everysingle email Annemarie



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      Hey Everyone,

      I wanted to know about the Signatures option when composing emails.
      Classic Yahoo Mail had the option to turn it on and off with a click
      box at the bottom of the message box. I have three different email
      addresses that I use with Yahoo Mail Plus and don't need to use a
      Signature on every email. Is there going to be an option for
      Signatures on Yahoo Mail Beta? Maybe there can be a way to put
      different signatures on different mail accounts also. I know that
      might be a tall order but it would be nice.


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