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  • bitequator
    I too would like extra Yahoo email functionalities in addition to the new interface: 1) IMAP client support (like AOL provides) 2) enhanced email rules, to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2005
      I too would like extra Yahoo email functionalities in addition to
      the new interface:

      1) IMAP client support (like AOL provides)

      2) enhanced email rules, to filter on custom headers and/or message
      envelope addresses

      3) automatic polling of external POP & IMAP accounts into the Yahoo

      3a) polling of external POP accounts using UIDL instead of the
      outdated LAST command

      My reasons for asking for the above items are:

      1) IMAP is the best way to synchronize multi-folder email on local
      clients such as Outlook 2003 (and I won't need to duplicate the
      server message filtering rules again on the client). There are
      still benefits to using Outlook on my computers (as my coworkers
      do), and most PIM gadgets sync to Outlook by default.

      But coupled with the excellent YMail beta interface, I can now do
      away with a hosted Exchange subscription (which provides the Ajax
      webmail Outlook Web Acccess). And I can rely on Intellisync et. al
      to sync the rest of my Outlook PIM data with Yahoo.

      2) For the purpose of filing messages into folders based on which of
      your addresses they were sent to, the current Yahoo mail rules can
      only filter on the To/Cc header. This won't work for messages that
      were sent to you via Bcc (such as mailing lists)! The solution is
      to filter on the actual message envelope recipient address.

      Another solution in my case is for Yahoo to be able to filter on a
      custom header (X-Envelope-To), because I forward all my mail to
      Yahoo through a filtering service which adds that header to describe
      the (original) envelope recipient address.

      3) Automatic polling of external accounts is obviously useful,
      including as a workaround for weakness #2 above. Instead of
      forwarding my mail to Yahoo, I can keep mail sent to my different
      addresses stored on their own POP accounts (which I then configure
      Yahoo to poll).

      The advantage is that these polled messages can be reliably filed
      into separate folders without having to depend on unreliable To/Cc
      header filtering. And the old Yahoo Mail interface (not the beta)
      even color codes messages from different POP accounts for easier
      visual distinction.

      But obviously this is not as useful if I have to manually poll
      messages each and every time.

      3a) When polling external POP accounts I usually want Yahoo to leave
      the messages stored on the external servers and to only fetch new
      messages each time. But the email servers I deal with only support
      POP3 access using UIDL in lieu of the defunct LAST command (see
      http://www.remote.org/jochen/mail/info/pop3-last.html )!

      Can I ask if there's a chance that any of these enhancements can be
      added when the new Yahoo mail system is officially rolled out?

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "jkall778" <bionicwords@s...> wrote:
      > I don't see any difference in the beta Yahoo Mail excet that of
      the interface. As for added functionality, there is none. Yahoo
      should spend more time on technology - who cares if the "address"
      button has been relabled "contacts"? Most important, Yahoo must be
      able to check multiple POP and IMAP addresses automatically. I
      don't understand why this most basic function isn't available.
      Furthermore, the calendar and the notepad must be integrated into
      the new mail interface. Basically, instead of looking to other web-
      based email - like Google, Hotmail, etc. - they should instead
      compete with the desktop packages, specifically Outlook. Yahoo
      already has the best web-based email out there; now, they should
      focus on becoming the best "desktop/web-mail" package with all that
      Outlook offers.
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