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Re: Minor Contacts Bug Fixed; Major Contacts Bug Remains

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  • George Hutfilz
    You are misunderstanding what I ve written. In 0.3.1, a nickname like mom resolved correctly even when the character string mom appeared in the left hand
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 24 9:14 AM
      You are misunderstanding what I've written.

      In 0.3.1, a nickname like "mom" resolved correctly even when the
      character string "mom" appeared in the left hand portion of a
      different contact's e-mail address. Beginning in 0.4.0 and continuing
      in 0.5.0, such nicknames failed to resolve correctly; an error box was
      displayed. The nickname could not be used; the auto complete screen
      for "mom" had to be used to select explicitly the "mom" nickname
      address. This problem was discussed in this group extensively as the
      "mom" problem. 0.6.0 fixed this failure to resolve such nicknames.

      The larger problem is still with us. Nicknames and categories/lists
      resolve correctly behind the scenes and mails are sent correctly, but
      the confirmation screen does not list the resolved addresses. Try
      sending an e-mail to a nickname and another address--the confirmation
      screen will only list the explicit addressee, not the nicknamed one.
      This bug was reported on 0.3.1 and has never been addressed.

      George Hutfilz

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Nancy J <ordinaryfoolisnj@...> wrote:
      > Is it particular "nicknames?" Because I use a song title as part
      of my email name, ie "Ordinaryfool..." and it resolves correctly to
      Nancy J. Or do I misunderstand what you've written?
      > L8!
      > Nancy J
      > Ordinaryfoolisnj@...

      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: George Hutfilz <ghutfilz@...>
      > To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 6:54:07 AM
      > Subject: [Y-Mail] Minor Contacts Bug Fixed; Major Contacts Bug Remains
      > 0.6.0 fixes one minor Contacts use bug introduced in 0.4.0, the
      > infamous "mom" bug. When a nickname (e.g. "mom") also appeared in the
      > Contacts folder as a character string on the left side of the @ in an
      > address (e.g. "momoftheredhats@...", address resolution
      > failed. This now works.
      > The major bug, which has been there since at least 0.3.1 when I began
      > with the beta, is still there. When nicknames or categories/lists are
      > used in the address field, the mail is sent correctly, but the
      > resolved addresses of the recipients do not appear on the confirmation
      > screen.
      > George Hutfilz
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