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Re: coolness kills

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  • James
    I don t remember ever having a horizontal scroll-bar in search results. It would be helpful, though, because it s impossible to see that useful attachments
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 9, 2007
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      I don't remember ever having a horizontal scroll-bar in search
      results. It would be helpful, though, because it's impossible to see
      that useful attachments column (I forgot about it) unless I set the
      other columns to microscopic lengths. Then I have to re-adjust it
      when I return to my regular folders. It really becomes not quite
      worth it. I wish the search results list would remember a different
      set of column lengths than regular folders.

      Also, the attachment column tells how many attachments each message
      has, but it doesn't provide any way of mass downloading. I have
      noticed Yahoo! mail classic does let you download attachments in bulk
      far quicker than the beta does. I switch back to the classic
      temporarily when I ever need to do this.

      I do think Yahoo! mail beta is overall radically better than mail
      classic, though.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, too_much green_tea
      <toomuchgreentea@...> wrote:
      > It depends ;)
      > Beta has much better shortcut key support than classic. I like the
      fact that I can now do most of the tasks without switching between the
      keyboard and the mouse. Classic's support in this aspect is extremely
      > I have also experienced beta's FF lockups in the past, but that
      seems to have more to do with extension(s) intercepting/manipulating
      XMLHttpRequest. In my case, after I disabled Firebug for Y-Mail's URL,
      all Y-Mail lockups simply go away. I suspect that it was the network
      monitoring part of Firebug that caused the problem, but to state it as
      fact I'll have to do a lot more work to figure out why, which I
      haven't. So unfortunately, it would have to remain as a guess.
      > Some may not have noticed, but beta DOES have a photo/attachment
      view. In the search result tab (try searching for
      "attachmentcount:>0"), if you have enabled snippets, you should see
      the thumbnails of your attachments in the right-most column. I said
      "some may not have noticed", because with my current build (b651.10),
      there is no horizontal scrollbar in the search result tab (a bug?). So
      if your screen isn't wide enough, you may have trouble seeing that
      last column.
      > I feel the same as you do when I was using my old computer. But
      after switching to a newer one, the performance differences (load
      time, speed ... etc.) became so insignificant that the benefit of
      staying exclusively with classic melts away.
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      > From: Michele <michele.costabile@...>
      > To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, April 9, 2007 4:30:55 AM
      > Subject: [Y-Mail] coolness kills
      > I have switched back to pre-beta because I am tired of tens of seconds
      > of startup time and occasional locks in Firefox that stop FF 2.0 to a
      > point where I have to kill the application.
      > What has striken me is that I have lost no features, I have lost
      > Gone is the modern graphics, no more 3D widgets, but a flat look that
      > could still be modern, just like the interface I am using now to post
      > this in Y! groups.
      > Gone is drag and drop, but I have back the way to move messages in
      > folders I have used for years.
      > Search at this time is much better: not only I have search results,
      > but also I have shortcuts to refine my search so that I may start with
      > a keyword and get all significant senders or folders.
      > The photo view and attachment view are unique and useful. A lot of
      > documents end in the mail system and can be found only there.
      > I have a lot of my story in the last ten years in Yahoo Mail, hundreds
      > of messages in the inbox because I am lazy and thousands of messages
      > total. I have a lot of messages, many work related, so appreciate
      > messaging functions and I appreciate any new way to organize things,
      > find related things or work better.
      > I would like a way to group dinamically related messages, like
      > conversations.
      > I also like coolness, but will not give up speed for the support for
      > features I may not use.
      > A web page is not a desktop application.
      > It is used differently, for instance. I open a browser when new mail
      > arrives and close it after reading or close it casually when I have a
      > lot of pages or tabs open. So, I have to wait for initialization a lot
      > of times in the day.
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