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9508Y! mail beta requests

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  • James
    Mar 3, 2007
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      Since quality is all about attention to detail, here are a few minor annoyances:

      *I was going to say to remove the redundant "this is spam" link from the more actions menu in folders, but it's already gone! Maybe someone heard me mention this before. Good job Y!

      *In Y! mail beta chat, all contacts with Y! addresses who are online are show, rather than only those on the messenger list (this is an excellent setup). Because this is how it works, the checkbox in the quick add contact dialog to "add to messenger list" is unnecessary and should be removed.

      *This is a little hard to explain, but if you use rich text in Y! mail beta, you probably notice it. When composing, clicking on B,I, or U enables the formatting and highlights the B,I, or U. This is good to have your formatting shown. The problem is if I'm typing in bold and click on text that is not in bold, the B remains highlighted. Now if I click the B it will turn bold on but the B will not be highlighted. Once this glitch is fixed keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+B,I,U) should activate the correct highlighting as well. When completed this formatting should work like that of Gmial or Word.

      *In Y! mail beta, the integrated pop-ups look nice, but when dragged flicker all over the place (at least in Fx). This may be hard to do but this should be fixed

      A couple not so minor requests:

      *Y! mail beta could use a good easy way to view ALL messages, like in Gmail. This could be done without taking up any valuable screen space by making "my folders" show all messages when clicked on. With this in place, it would also be easy to view all flagged messages, just view all messages and sort by flag.

      *Right now, I'm writing a fairly long message so I'm saving a draft. Yahoo! mail beta does very easily, as I can at any time save and I am not taken to a different page, but left to write my message. The one problem is, once I send this I will no longer want the draft as I will have an up to date copy in my "sent" folder. After I send I must go to the drafts folder and delete the draft whenever I save drafts. What would easily simplify the process would be if Y! mail beta gave a link on the "Message Sent" tab to delete message draft if you have save sent mail turned on. It could also be set to automatically delete drafts on message send. I would save drafts far more if there wasn't the hassle of finding them and getting rid of them.

      *Y! mail beta integrated chat is awesome, but there's one big thing it's missing. Chat archive. I know there is the convert to Email send to yourself workaround for now, but this is a very helpful tool that should be added to the product. This feature has been implemented by other online services, like Gmail and meebo. One question here is where to put the chat archive. One option that wouldn't take up screen space would be to add a link to it next to "add contact" in the online contacts drop-down menu. This could open a tab for chat archive, which could be organized like contacts - vertical pane to select contact and message on the right. Also, with a chat archive in place, the extremely helpful "show recent messages" link shown in Y! desktop messenger IM windows could be added.

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