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8672Re: [Y-Mail] now running v0.5.0 b368.7

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  • Vincent Jorrand
    Feb 1, 2007
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      > > Does it ever stop?
      > >
      > > farm 318 running v0.5.0 b368.7 dated 01/31/2007
      > Ha...no, trust me, it never stops. That's one of those things about writing
      > applications for the web. You're never "done". When you're writing shrink
      > wrapped software there's a clear point of being "done", but on the web things
      > are constantly evolving.

      I also work on web based applications, so I am very aware of that.

      > Probably explains why most of us haven't had a serious vacation since before
      > Oddpost was acquired. :)

      And that too ....

      > Anyway, 368.7 is just another patch build. Most of these will never be
      > released. We get them on our early adopter farms, find some small tidbit that
      > needs tweaking and release another patch. Once we've got the patch we like,
      > that gets pushed out to a wider audience. In any case, if you're not on 368.7
      > yet, don't sweat it. You're not missing out on some awesome new feature.
      > We're saving those for later. ;)
      > Speaking of teasers, I know I said I'd get some stuff up on Yahoo! Go Mobile.
      > I'm still going to do it, but I got slammed this week with a code freeze for
      > the web service and we're doing end of year reviews right now. I'll be so
      > happy when Friday is over.

      I signed up for the Yahoo! Go Mobile, since my phone is on the supported list, but it seems like they already have enough people in the beta and I have not yet received a response.

      > Ryan Kennedy
      > Yahoo! Mail
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